Spiritual Rescue Technology is a Disruptive Technology

Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) will change healing technology, treatment of mental disorders, performance levels in many different creative fields, and increase mental stability and personal power in almost any leadership position.

Definition of Disruptive Technology:New ways of doing things that disrupt or overturn the traditional business methods and practices. For example, steam engine in the age of sail, and internet in the age of post office mail.  http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/disruptive-technology.html

SRT is a disruptive spiritual technology that can change or replace spiritual and psychological counseling as it deals with the underlying factors that create most of the conditions recognized as mental illness.

SRT allows a counselor to look at the client and see what is happening in the client’s spiritual universe.

Using SRT, a counselor can address most of the 176 mental disorders as defined by the DSM and ICD. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mental_disorders

He can also work with energy deposits like an energy healer or he can open up the energy or mass and communicate to the beings who are producing the effect.

The trained SRT counselor can perceive the beings controlling a person by perceiving the persistent emotion that is filling the spirit space around the client. He can communicate directly with the spirits or he can persuade the spirits to speak through the client so the client gains more reality on what the spirit is doing and why he is doing it.

SRT has been adopted by early adopters who have read the first book and changed lives. This was happening even before we had discovered all of the other things that SRT can do. If a large minority of personal counselors and physical therapists were using SRT in their practices, their results might be quite different with much less effort.

Once spiritual leaders realize what they can do using SRT, this may create a tipping point and might even create a shift in the way spiritual practices and churches are run. When public realize that they can organize their spiritual companions to create almost any effect they wish, it may even change theater and other performing arts.

If we see a dozen Alma Deutschers in the next five years, the revolution will be well underway.

Once political leaders realize the power of SRT in shaping personality, charisma and personal performance, politics will never be the same.

Any creative person who is slogging away on his own will be left behind when others realize the power of organized spiritual companions in boosting creativity and attracting customers.

Once the power of a deliberately structured composite personality is recognized, society will change.

We need to get ahead of the change and manage the transition if we can, so that everyone gets a chance to reap the benefits of this spiritual tidal wave.

Engrams Are Serious Business

Engrams are incidents from the past which contain unconsciousness, death and other undesirable emotions as well as hypnotic commands. What hypnotic commands you say? Commands like “Stay down!” “We are betrayed!” “All is lost!” “Hold your breath!” and the best of all, “Make it stop!”

In SRT, we pay a lot of attention to the engrams presented by the spiritual beings surrounding us, so it isn’t surprising that we tend to overlook our own engrams.

Scientology claims that the state of Clear means that you are free of engrams, but that is definitely not the case. You have billions of engrams, but fortunately only a few are restimulated by your current environment. Furthermore, after you have run out enough of your own engrams, the restimulation of another of your engrams just makes you uneasy or grumpy or sick and just spotting that an engram has been restimulated will make the whole thing vanish. After you are cleared of enough engrams, you can blow them by inspection.

But, if there is a serious engram in restimulation you can get very upset and stay that way for several days. I am talking about one of your own engrams, not an entities’ engram.

So, how do you handle it if someone has done something shocking to you and you cannot get over it?

First you check to make sure that the restimulation is not still going on. Is the person there before you? Is the knife still sticking in your side? If not, there is an earlier incident in restimulation.

Locate the incident and handle it using SRT processing, not Book One or Dianetics. Find the incident, what you did or failed to do that triggered the incident, and get your justifications off until you feel fine again. If it doesn’t clear up at once, look for spirits who participated in the incident and find out what they did or failed to do that triggered the incident.

Please remember to check whether the upset you are encountering is yours as well as any other spiritual being’s upset. Handle everyone who is upset and you will find that things smooth out quite quickly.

If you see someone carrying around a grudge for days, you can be sure there is an engram in restimulation. See what you can do to to handle the original incident. It will not be the incident he is complaining about.