The Magic of Scientology Auditing

(originally published on Thanksgiving 2009)

Scientology and Dianetic auditing can perform miracles when the Auditor’s Code is observed, because this code defines the conditions under which case gain can be achieved.

The observance of this code will create an environment where the preclear is interested in his own case and is willing to talk to the auditor.

When all goes well, the auditor asks a question about something that troubles the preclear and the preclear looks until he finds an answer and gives it to the auditor. The auditor acknowledges that he has heard and understood the preclear’s answer and the preclear has no more attention on the area under discussion.

That simple interchange continues until the preclear has a major cognition about the area under discussion. Sometimes this can be life changing as it results in the recovery of an ability.

I know of no other practice in which the wins are as predictable and rewarding as in auditing. After my first sessions, I knew that I had to become an auditor and help others get the gains I was experiencing. I realized that I had finally found the means to reverse the dwindling spiral I had been caught in.

What is most remarkable is that an auditor following the Auditors Code can occasionally achieve stellar results even though his Model Session is rough and his TRs and comm cycle are not perfect.

My Life Repair auditor was a gruff old guy without a lot of ARC, but I knew he really wanted me to win in life Repair, so I felt comfortable exploring my losses and my overts. I was really in session and with his help I discovered much that I did not know was there.

At one point my auditing bogged down and he ran a correction list on me to sort things out. I remember distinctly that most of the questions were boring and seemed irrelevant. Then he asked a question, and the end of the auditing room melted away and I was looking at a WWI tank climbing a hill about 30 feet away from me…

I finally realized he was still asking me questions and I brought my attention back into the auditing room. The three dimensional image of a battlefield snapped out of existence and I was left with absolute certainty that I had lived before.

There was a lot that could have been improved about that session, but I am forever grateful to that auditor and to that Mission for opening the door to the greatest adventure of this lifetime.

I experienced such major wins in my early auditing that I was able to overlook the progressive deterioration of the church for many years. I had total certainty that the tech worked every time it was standardly applied so when I saw outnesses on the part of SO Missionaires and other upper management terminals, I just figured that their training had been faulty. In the 1970s and early 1980s, I hadn’t realized that they were squirreling.

By the late 1980s I had enough direct contact with upper management to realize that they had really gone off the rails. When things got too crazy, I would pull out my tape recorder and start recording what was being said. That invariably ended the meeting right there.

Early wins in Scientology auditing and training create an unshakeable certainty that the tech works. I dedicated my 20 year auditing career to ensuring that my PCs and PreOTs got the wins that they deserved.

When I set up my independent field practice, I plan to resume that highly rewarding activity.

This Thanksgiving we give thanks that the Tech is being given new life, free from the perversions of current CofS management, in a growing number of Independent Scientology centers.

May you and your friends find a new and better path to freedom this year. It is out here. All you need to do is look.

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