Spiritual Communication is a Two Way Activity

spiritguideSpiritual communication is an amazing two way activity, but sometimes it can be overwhelming.

Many people go through life doing the best they can and never think about the possibility that they are surrounded by spiritual entities.

Other people get “messages” from unseen sources but never think of entering into conversations with whoever delivered the “message”.

Then there are the many that “know” there are no spirits and who doggedly ignore all of that claptrap about spiritual beings and telepathy and just go through life wondering why they feel so goddamn awful all the time. Their solution is generally alcohol or anti-depressants and they will have no interest in this article at all.

This article is for people who have experienced spiritual communication in life, either on the Scientology OT levels or who have received some SRT processing. In their very first sessions, these people have the novel experience of receiving telepathic messages from beings other than themselves!

These people can run some highly charged incidents involving spiritual entities, get some relief, and maybe get some huge insights into spiritual matters. Fortunately many people enjoy their wins and are eager to experience more.

However, some of these people come out of session feeling like they have fallen through into looking-glass land and they feel a bit unsure because many of their stable datums have been shaken. As a result, they try to put their session experiences safely away and try to forget about them and go on with their lives.

After all, it is a bit of a stretch to find that you have been accompanied by spirits for most of your lives and that many of the upsets you experienced may not have been yours. Not only are you surrounded by invisible beings, but they also can talk to you even after the session is over!

Here is some advice you should remember: Once you establish contact with the spiritual beings who accompany you through life, you cannot go back to ignoring them or pretending they are not there.

Most of these beings have been trying to communicate with you for years and they have a lot of pent-up communication. They have been locked away in a semi-hypnotic state and you have finally broken through to them and they want you to stay in communication with them and help them out of the situation they are in.

You will eventually discover these are living beings who have had some really terrifying experiences and some of them even had bodies at one time. If you acknowledge them so they know you hear them, that will calm most of them down until you have time to handle them in session. Learn to say, “OK Everybody!” and “I hear you.” when a group of them all start to talk at once. If you care for them and let them know you will help them while running good control over them, they will generally settle down and you can get them to organize themselves for a session in the morning or at some time that is convenient for you.

If you try to ignore their communication, you will find yourself getting agitated and confused and you may even not be able to decide who you are because you will have many different thoughts running through your head and you will not be able to concentrate.

You may even try to leave the area and not get any more processing in the hopes that it will all go away. That was the biggest problem on OT3 in Scientology because new solo auditors would get overwhelmed when all of their “body thetans” would get restimulated at the same time because of the way OT3 was run.

If you have gotten SRT sessions and you are now getting a lot of spiritual messages you did not expect, you may start feeling overwhelmed. Call your SRT counselor and he will help you handle the spiritual beings who have woken up and are demanding service! It is a very quick action and once you have worked with a few more spiritual beings, you will find that they are no longer anxious about being abandoned or ignored. They may interrupt you occasionally just like eager teenagers, but you will learn to reassure them that you will be there for them and will help them as long as they need it.

Once you get a few of them organized, you will start using them to run errands or to find customers for your business or to find compatible friends and life partners. They love doing this when you manage them well as it gives them a way to contribute to your success and to gain new skills.

You do not have to make friends with your spiritual entities. You can ignore them as most Scientology OTs do and you can end up just like many OTs, aloof and uncomfortable with life.

On the other hand, you do not have to go through life alone any more. You can recruit as many spiritual teammates as you please and have your own spiritual army to help you accomplish more than you can possibly do on your own.

Your choice.  :)

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