Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology – Book 1 of the SRT Series first book in the SRT series has been released as a Kindle book on It covers the real factors that influence your everyday life. Once you understand them, your life will never be the same.

Spiritual Rescue Technology is a way of teaching yourself to recognize the effects of upset spiritual beings on your life, and it equips you with the tools necessary to restore them and yourself to a happy and fulfilling existence.

This book presents the SRT material in an easy to learn sequence which readers have found to be superior to any of the earlier presentations.

It will be followed by several other SRT books which will cover subjects like: working with your spiritual teammates, delivering SRT to others, detailed examples of handling entities with SRT, setting up a SRT practice of your own, addressing illness with SRT.

You can buy it on Amazon for $1.99

4 thoughts on “Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology – Book 1 of the SRT Series

  1. David St Lawrence Post author

    Thanks Stephen,

    I think you will find the next book to be a game-changer for anyone who has ever wanted to help others. This book describes what Spiritual Rescue Technology is while the next book is a “how to” manual for using SRT in all kinds of situations.

  2. alberto

    I bought the first book. When is the second coming ? I am more interested in helping myself first as I do not know anybody who remotely might be interested in these matters. Do you have exercisese for solo work ? btw I have no experienced with Scientology type processes. I bought the book mainly because your Theory sounded right to me .



  3. David St Lawrence Post author

    Thanks for your interest Alberto!
    The second book is due out in early November.

    Have you tried using the data as given in the book?
    You find something like a feeling or an emotion in your space and you get in comm with it and ask if you can help it.
    The process is described in the book.
    The SRT processes are quite different from Scientology processes and do not require a knowledge of Scientology at all.

    If you need more examples, read this website:

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