How does Spiritual Rescue Technology produce results that the Scientology OT Levels can’t?

Spiritual Rescue Technology is a method of communicating with Spirit Guides, Demons, Body Thetans and spiritual entities of all types. It is not confidential as all of this information has been available on the internet for many years.

You can learn about it in my book Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology or if you are especially bright, you can follow the simplified procedure here and surprise yourself by handling worries and fears that have been plaguing you for years.

Here is something I share with all SRT students after they have read my books and have used Spiritual Rescue Technology and still want to have a simple set of instructions.


Some of you have been asking me what steps to follow and I realize that you have read the books and understand entities but can’t quite keep the simple steps in mind with all of the stuff you have learned.

If you do these steps, you will free beings and feel good about the results you get in session. In steps 1-9, you are speaking with the client. After that, you speak to the entities and the client is listening to their responses and telling you what they are saying.

1. Meditate before session until you feel calm about helping your client

2. Ask the client how she is doing TODAY.

3. Listen QUIETLY until she is done.

4. Ask the client what she has attention on.

5. Listen QUIETLY until she gives you a feeling, thought, or physical manifestation.

6. Have her locate the source of the feeling or thought.

7. Have her tell you if it is a single entity or a group of entities.

8. Have her tell you anything she can about the entity or entities. Listen QUIETLY until she is done.

9. Get the name of the entity or the name of the group of entities.

10. Once you get the name, you ask the entities if it is OK to help them.

11. Ask the entities what incident caused them to die or be forced into becoming a cluster. GIVE the client and the entities PLENTY OF TIME TO LOOK. Listen QUIETLY until they are done. Prompt them ONLY if they get stuck.

12. Have the entities tell you everything they can about the incident. Listen QUIETLY until they are done.

13. Ask what action they did that might have precipitated the incident. Listen QUIETLY until they are done. Prompt them ONLY if they get stuck.

14. After they have told you what they did that precipitated the incident that destroyed their lives, ask them how they justified that action. Listen QUIETLY until they are done.

15. Ask how else they justifies that action. Listen QUIETLY until they are done.

16. Ask again until the entities are laughing and have a realization about how they created a problem for themselves.

17. If the entities or the client are sharing realizations with you, DO NOT INTERRUPT THEM. Listen QUIETLY until they are done.

18. When the entities are in present time and beginning to ask questions, answer their questions.

19. When they run out of questions, suggest that they explore the planet starting with places where they feel comfortable.

20. If some wish to work with you, let them know they are welcome, but get them to explore the planet and come back when they are ready to work with you.

NOTE: Always acknowledge the entity or the client when you receive an answer

If you do all of the above and keep it simple, you will have happy clients and the sessions will be effortless.

David St Lawrence

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