Getting off the Scientology Treadmill

(Originally posted by OldAuditor on February 7, 2010)

This post will take up the pros and cons of auditing and other therapeutic practices inside and outside the Church of Scientology.

Getting gains from actions inside Scientology

It is not necessarily true that you have been sold a bill of goods by money-motivated Registrars and Field Staff Members. You may have been one of the few who actually got enough of what you wanted from Scientology that you were willing to put up with crush regging and manufactured  IAS  emergencies for many years. I know that I was in that category until very recently. The gains I experienced were just enough to make me ignore the squirrel administration and human rights violations that went on all about me.

Here is a quick test. Spot the points in your time in Scientology where you were actually achieving stable gains and doing better in life. Where did they occur?

If you were like many of us, you experienced some major change during Life Repair or in your early training that transformed your life to such an extent that you still regard this as a turning point.

You probably experienced gains as you continued up L Ron Hubbard’s Bridge, but if you compare the best of the later changes to the earliest change, you may find that the magnitudes were greater but that you were under continuing stress to come up with more money now, now, now and your personal freedom was increasingly constrained.


You may look back as I have done and realize that every gain was followed by a period of roller coastering while you scrambled to come up with money to take the next step immediately. You may have wanted to relax and enjoy your new abilities, but you were pressured to commit to your next action and to flow more money to the church.

Instead of handling what you wanted to handle, you were led off on an adventure involving Dianetics, Auditing Grades, OT levels, and various Rundowns with interesting names. If you were in long enough you were probably subjected to endless Security Checks which probably diminished your certainty and OT abilities.

If you look back and think about it, the pressure was not about your route to total freedom, it was all about flowing money to the church and controlling your thinking. As a result, you found yourself on a treadmill that got steadily harder and your gains seemed to slip away under the evaluation and invalidation you would receive if you didn’t play the “game”. For some people this pressure led to murder or suicide.

There is some evidence to indicate that the OT levels are being delivered by the church in such a way that OTs are being caved in and become subject to cancer and unexpected mental breakdowns.  Examples of the out tech that can be found at Flag are discussed in this video interview of  Greg and Debra Barnes

Getting gains from actions outside Scientology

When you first separate yourself from the Church of Scientology, getting more auditing is often the last thing on your mind. This is a time for peace and quiet and some satisfying MEST work like gardening or physical activity like hiking or bicycling.

Get yourself on a decent diet and establish a schedule where you are getting plenty of sleep every night.

After you have had a chance to destimulate and are sleeping soundly again, it is probably a good time to reconnect with true friends and find out what life is like in a post-Scientology world.

At some point you should probably take a look at what you were trying achieve when you first got into Scientology. If you are like many of us, you probably did not achieve what you wanted in Scientology. You got led away in pursuit of other people’s goals.

This is your opportunity to make a new start and it doesn’t have to involve auditing. Disabuse yourself of the idea that Ron Hubbard’s one-size-fits-all Bridge was necessarily right for you.

You have many choices outside the church

You may do better spiritually studying Buddhism, from which LRH derived basic principles of Scientology. You may prefer joining a community church and becoming a trusted member of the congregation. The support you will receive may amaze you if all you have known is Scientology.

You don’t have to do ANYTHING. You can spend time enjoying life using what you learned in Scientology. There is NO MORE REGGING! You can advance at your own speed or you can enjoy what you have as long as you want!

If you want to repair the damage done by Scientology auditing, there are competent auditors in the field who can do this and you will be amazed at how great real auditing is. You are not limited to Scientology style auditing as there are many different techniques that have been developed to handle shortcomings in the Scientology auditing delivered in the church.

You need to visit the links shown on the right sidebar and determine which practice is right for you. Talk to the practitioners. Talk to those who have used the services of these practitioners. They are far more transparent than the CofS and you will be able to get your questions answered by the practitioners and on various Freezone and Independent Field message boards.

The Free Zone (or Scientology Freezone including Ron’s Orgs) consists of individuals and organizations that practice Scientology and Dianetics according to the original teachings of L Ron Hubbard.

The Independent Field use processes and practices that may have no counterpart in Scientology processes. Most of these alternative therapies were developed by highly trained Scientology auditors and Case Supervisors to handle shortcomings of the Bridge as modified by David Miscavige.

Later posts will discuss individual approaches to therapy that are available outside the church.

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