Spiritual Rescue Technology Explained

SRT Explained VideoAfter six years of developing and using Spiritual Rescue Technology on hundreds of satisfied clients, we have finally grown as an organization to the point where we can begin to reach out to new people on a broader scale.

Our growth so far has mainly come from word of mouth referrals. Satisfied clients tell their friends and these in turn tell others of their wins with SRT.

Some time ago, we started an internship where students could learn to deliver SRT counseling and eventually set up their own practices. Now that some are ready to graduate, we are promoting SRT in a more public way to increase awareness of the benefits of Spiritual Rescue Technology to more people who can use help.

A group of dedicated SRT Interns just produced our first video for raw public and it is stunning!

The description says it all: Everything you wanted to know about communicating with spiritual beings and how this can change your life. Spiritual Rescue Technology teaches you how to communicate with spirits and handle their problems.

Kathy Elliott produced the video, Malcolm Fraser did the voice over, and Debbie du Toit provided some crucial editing advice.

They based the video on some notes I made for a webinar and I hope it strikes the right notes for people who have had no previous contact with Spiritual Rescue Technology.

See the video and share it with your friends. If you like the video and wish to support the expansion of SRT, please upvote the video on YouTube.

Here is the link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BcuvvKe5_k

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  1. David St Lawrence Post author

    The earlier link to this video was broken when we edited the video to tighten the timing.
    Thanks to our readers who spotted the broken link on this site and notified us.

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