The Evolution of SRT Counseling

SRT counseling is a service that produces desirable results like peace of mind, mental awareness, clarity of vision, and a cheerful attitude about life through direct communication with spiritual beings.

The basic procedure of locating the incident the being is stuck in and releasing him from that incident so he can exercise free will again is still being performed in every SRT session delivered.

If you have read any of my SRT books or basic articles on you can run SRT sessions on yourself and others which can change lives for the better.

SRT counseling has worked remarkably well ever since it was first put into practice. What has set Spiritual Rescue Technology apart from other spiritual practices, is that we actually work with the spiritual beings we contact to find better ways to solve the problems they are facing. The more sessions we deliver, the more we learn about spiritual beings and what they need.

There are literally millions of words written about spirits and spiritual hierarchies and what this all means and who it comes from and etc., but we have found that it is easier to get whatever we need by simply asking spiritual entities what they know. We get the necessary information to help spiritual beings from the spirits themselves.

In the course of accumulating this information, we encounter data that contradicts almost every spiritual practice in existence. As researchers, we tend to share what we have found in the hope that you will use it and will provide feedback in the forms of suggestions for research. We do not enjoy causing cognitive dissonance, but that seems to be the price paid for progress in any field.

Well, we have discovered that our research results and their implications do not have to be studied by our clients for them to get the benefits of those research results in session.

As long as clients know a bit about spiritual entities and their effects upon the person, an SRT counselor can run the very latest versions of SRT on the client and produce personality integration and improve their self actuation scores as opposed to merely handling an upset entity and making the client feel good at the end of session.

As far as the client is concerned, he is handling an upset entity. What we are doing now that is different is handling the entity’s relationship with other entities that are affecting the client and this results in personality integration and other good things like self actuation if pursued far enough.

The SRT counseling has a lot more under the hood than before, but the client does not need to be exposed to the theory. He only needs to be aware that he should expect more out of his SRT counseling than before, because some sessions will have extra steps to give him the benefit of our latest research.

David St Lawrence

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