The Trap of Unrealistic Expectations

The proper use of scientology technology routinely produces remarkable changes in awareness and ability, yet you will find people in and outside of scientology who are sure that it is an absolute con game.

For these people, scientology has not produced the result they expected in them or in someone they know and therefore it is not working.

The trap here is that we are not simple critters consisting of one body, one mind, one spirit, a few engrams and a handful of overts. If that were so, it would not take much processing to turn out a remarkably clean and shining being.

Instead we may see the spectacle of highly trained or thoroughly audited individuals who are highly competent in many areas, charismatic, perceptive and powerful in the extreme who are batshit crazy on finances or on the matter of relationships.

We also may see OTs making other people wrong or see Clears and Ots lying about their actions.

When we encounter these cases, we ask ourselves, “What’s going on?”

There is a remarkably simple explanation for all of this.
Ron Hubbard addresses this in the bulletin, “The Nature of A Being” which deserves more study than it usually gets. This is one of these bulletins that you should study thoroughly at every step on the Bridge because you will find that it addresses more than you ever expected.

The bottom line is that there is a lot more to handle than most people realize.

My observation of craziness in an OT is the view from inside my personal universe. It can be summarized this way:

“Areas of insanity will continue to exist except where they are fully addressed and handled.”

When something is addressed in auditing and is standardly handled, it is gone forever. I have certainty on this and you can get the same by getting auditing.

On the other hand, there are things we hide from ourselves quite thoroughly and they may never surface in auditing unless the auditor is given a clue that a problem exists. These are the subjects that do not even read on a meter when they are discussed because the Preclear or PreOT has shut them away so thoroughly that they no longer exist for him.

The PreClear may also have accumulated False Data that skews his entire concept of ethics. He will not get a read on cheating customers because that’s what he’s supposed to do according to False Data he picked up from his Grandpa when he was a little boy.

The end result is that auditing works beautifully when the PC is able to recognize areas of insanity and react to them in session. For some people it takes a long time to get to the point where they recognize that they behave in ways that don’t make sense.

I know that as a highly trained OT, I am still finding times where my reactions are surprisingly inappropriate. Someone I care for will say something quite inoffensive but it triggers an angry  reaction that I cannot control.

A little reflection and I can usually spot the source of restimulation, but if I couldn’t I would get auditing on that area.

I think it is best to get certainty on your wins from auditing and training and proceed to add to those wins as you are able.

If you concentrate instead on all of the things you have not handled or that others have not handled you can invalidate all of the progress you have made.

Use examples of occasional insanity as an incentive to study and understand more about spiritual beings and the traps they set for themselves. It will give you certainty and will spur you to help yourself and others.

You have a lot more to work on than you think.

(Originally published December 2, 2009)

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