Talking to a beloved departed cat

chester-2010I have been talking to entities professionally for about the last 25 years and have never tried to contact spirits of departed pets until very recently.

I was giving a webinar his weekend on entity behavior and I was describing how you can easily invoke a departed family member if you still have attention on them. As I was describing how this is accomplished, I received this incredible flow of grief from a beloved cat who died so suddenly that we did not have time to say good bye to each other.

We had a strong bond that started when he picked me out of a crowd of people at a barbecue that was held at a farm where he was one of the barn cats. He persuaded me to follow him while he visited a sick rabbit in a nearby hutch and then he showed me that he was allowed to enter the hen house where he would take up residence in one of the nest while he kept watch over the hens. The family had named him Chester because of his unusual gait and he was the friendliest cat I had ever met.

When I found out that the farmer wanted to get rid of Chester because he kept coming in the house, I asked if I could take him. Both the farmer and Chester were pleased when I took Chester home with me.

Chester spent a good deal of his time watching me work and would go on walks with me when I would take a break from my internet counseling practice.

We were devastated when he died suddenly and painfully with no warning. My wife felt he had been bitten by a snake.

I experienced waves of grief from time to time, but I always thought it had been my grief until I was describing in the webinar how we can contact departed loved ones. At that instant, I was hit with grief to the point where tears were streaming down my cheeks while I was on the air with a live audience. I recognized that it was Chester immediately and acknowledged his presence and let him know we would talk after the webinar, at which point the grief started to subside and I was able to go on with the presentation.

After the webinar, I communicated with Chester and told him how much he was missed and we both experienced more waves of grief until it diminished to somber acceptance. Our affinity was still as strong as when he had been alive.

At this point the story took an unexpected turn. Since this was the first cat spirit I had contacted, I got thinking how could a cat spirit be different from any other entity? Are there cat entities as opposed to people entities, or were they all one and the same?

I asked Chester, who or what he had been in his previous life and I got this shocking image of a twelve year old boy! There was a moment of shocked surprise between us and he vanished before I could ask any questions about his former life!

I just got the trailing edge of a thought that he had wanted to see what life would be as a cat and had been trapped in a cat body and he was still stuck in the cat persona when the cat body died.

My asking about his prior lifetime had freed him from a cat personality and enabled him to be human again! The shock of the awakening had caused him to bolt without taking time to say thanks or goodbye.

The most interesting aspect of this spiritual rescue activity was the drop in affinity for me when he resumed his human personality! It felt as if we were suddenly strangers!

In a way, that was exactly what it must have seemed to him. As a cat, I was the person who cared for him and sheltered him. When he woke up as a boy, I was a stranger. He panicked and left.

As I write this, I sense that he has not abandoned me completely and is getting a better understanding of what happened as I describe it for this post.

This incident has shown me two things: it is definitely possible to contact the spirits of a departed pet and pets have past lives too.

I will be looking very closely at animals from now on.

David St Lawrence

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