How Do Beings Fall From Grace?

How Do Beings Fall From Grace?  (This will be a chapter in my next book, “Living With Spirits”)

I have been puzzling on the topic of how godlike beings seems to sink inexorably into dull humankind over many lifetimes. This comes up in session after session when we contact a being sunk in the misery of a particular lifetime and find that the being had more powers and was more joyful and free the further we go back along his timeline.

What we find in sessions seems to parallel the many legends of Man’s fall from grace. To fall from grace is an idiom referring to a loss of status, respect, or prestige. It may also refer to: Fall of man, Christian term used to describe the transition of the first man and woman from a state of innocent obedience to God to a state of guilty disobedience.

Whether you prefer the fall to have occurred because of disobedience to some higher power or because of ignorance of some underlying principle basic to this universe, I think you may find comfort in our recent discovery of causation that you can verify for yourself in session after session.

It is not necessarily an attempt to cause evil that causes a being to diminish himself from godlike to frail and fearful mortal status, it can be the result of his efforts to maintain order and keep things civilized.

I saw an example of this in a recent solo session where a godlike being’s effort to protect a city state from eventual destruction from uncontrolled creativity created a ripple effect that eventually destroyed his godlike power and reduced him to a captive being in the orbit of an ordinary human being on Earth.

About 4000 years ago, the city state of Sumer was the first urban civilization in the historical region of southern Mesopotamia. It also appears that there were beings of great power involved in the initial creation of this city state from our initial session reports.

One of these was a wise man who recognized a real threat to this early earth civilization and attempted to prevent the threat from spreading. He had many lifetimes of experience with this particular threat and knew without doubt that if it was not controlled, that the future greatness of this new city would not be achieved.

His long experience with great civilizations had shown him that undisciplined creativity was an evil that could destabilize the mightiest of these civilizations and he knew if this was not brought under control quickly it would spread and jeopardize the future of Sumer and the civilization it would spawn.

He located the primary of source of this undisciplined creativity at that time and he contained it so it could not spread. By doing this, he created a time of peace and prosperity that has been recognized by some as the cradle of this current civilization on this planet.  As the critical elements of Spiritual Rescue Technology had not been discovered yet, the wise man used his superior spiritual powers to hypnotize the source of the “evil” undisciplined creativity and render him helpless by blocking his abilities to create in certain ways.

The source of the “evil” undisciplined creativity was an artist who understood that art is a play of contrasts, fluidity against enduring stillness, dark against light, joy against sorrow, ineffable peace against unspeakable brutality, irresistible attraction against revolting horror, positive, uplifting urges against seductive and destructive urges. This artist also understood that art is the life energy of society.

The wise man blunted those urges he considered dangerous for society. He did this with the intention that the remaining positive urges would occupy the artistic being and civilization would be enhanced and not destroyed. The wise man was powerful enough to put a spell on the creative being that rendered him unable to exercise his ability to create conflicts. The spell was merely a matter of the wise man’s intention being strong enough to overwhelm the intention of the artist. The wise man knew that the survival of the new civilization was at stake and this powered his intention.

The wise man’s nullification spell was a huge invalidation of the artist as it struck at the heart of his creativity. He was rendered helpless and impotent as a creative being, but this did not blunt his determination to find a way to regain his ability to create again.

The nullification spell worked and Sumer became known as the land of civilized kings.

The artist being was prevented from creating disturbing effects, but never gave up on working out a way to regain his ability to create as he wished.

The wise man was able to overpower the artist and inhibit his ability to create conflict, but it left the artist in a state of insanity as a result. He wanted to create a full range of effects, but could not. This is one definition of insanity, wanting to reach but prevented from reaching.

The artist eventually destroyed his body in an effort to escape his fate, only to find that the curse was applied to him as a being, and not to his existence as a body. In frustration, he attacked the wise man and became a thorn in his side from then on. He became one of the beings in the growing cluster of angry beings forming around the wise man.

Eventually the wise man accumulated enough opposing beings that his powers diminished to those of an ordinary person. He did not realize until now that his method of handling opposing beings led to his diminution as a being and an almost complete loss of spiritual powers. His efforts to maintain order and keep things civilized were the primary reason for his descent from a state of omniscient godhood into ordinary humankind. This may have also accounted for the eventual fall of Sumer.

Sumer, the land of civilized kings, underwent many changes for the next 3000 years and it appears that there was a compulsion to regulate every aspect of life until Sumer was invaded by the Elamite and Amorite “barbarians” from outside the walls.

When you attempt to control people to accomplish some worthy objective, you have a choice of many different methods of communicating your wishes and intentions. If you use force, you can get compliance but you will also get counter-intention which will not go away. If you use command phrases which evoke the threat of force, you can also get compliance, but since you are not consulting the other beings willingness to cooperate, you will get resentment and counter-intention.

In an organization, such as in Sumer, the use of force requires more and more regulation of activities until more effort is spent on controlling the members of the organization than in accomplishing results with the organization. The organization is regarded as being ineffectual by those outside the organization and it becomes a target for being taken over.

As an individual dealing with life, the use of forceful methods of gaining compliance from spiritual beings whether in or without bodies, accumulates more counter-intention with each individual you deal with. Gradually your energy and power is spent overcoming the counter-intention you have created for yourself and you cannot accomplish your primary objectives any more.

When you divert even more of your diminishing free power to fighting the counter-intention of those who are now opposing you in many ways, eventually you are no longer godlike or even a recognized leader in your area of operation.

Here is the quandary. You wish to achieve some desirable goals and there are forces which appear to oppose what you are trying to accomplish.

If you are willing to”be” the force or person that seems to be opposing you, you will find that you can easily use caring communication to raise the other force or person to a state of mind that you can communicate sanely about the issues that seem to divide you. Once you can use caring communication, understanding results and the root of the issues can be discerned and dealt with once and for all. If the root of the disagreement is discovered, there will be realizations which will bring about a resolution of the issue. If the root of the disagreement is not discovered, there will be no resolution and the struggle will continue indefinitely.

The root of the disagreement may lie in actions by one of the visible participants or as a result of actions by spiritual beings who are affecting the visible participants. Thus, understanding of the role of spiritual beings on our behavior is ESSENTIAL.

This planet has so many discarnate beings in comparison to those clad in flesh, that we swim in a soup or thick haze of these beings without bodies. Any effort to free oneself from the effects of these beings will generate more counter-intention from them UNLESS you use caring communication (a bit like Ho’oponopono, but more proactive). Caring communication always strives to raise the awareness and free will of those you communicate with.

Persistence of intention requires a firm grasp of the final result and a deep understanding of what caring communication does to forward your long term goals for your group. With caring communication, every group member you add either as a friend or as a spiritual teammate CONTRIBUTES to the achieving of group goals and the long term viability of the group.

Ignoring the need for caring communication results in the accumulation of counter-intentions, and your bright and beautiful dream for yourself or for your organization starts to look like this image. By the time this occurs, you have truly fallen from grace.

Image may contain: outdoor and water

Consider these barnacles to be the equivalent of the accumulated counter-intentions of those you have failed to handle with caring communication. It will take some work to remove these barnacles. The same is true for removing the effect of the counter-intentions you have accumulated.


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