What Happens When You Fail To Acknowledge The Beings Who Contribute To Your Talents

We are beginning to accumulate data on how much our spiritual partners do contribute to our everyday performance and this may be difficult to absorb for some individuals who believe they are masters of their own destiny.

We are surrounded by spirits and these spirits influence us negatively or positively depending on their state of awareness and other factors.

In the early years of Spiritual Rescue Technology research, we concentrated on handling the spiritual beings who were adversely affecting people. This was deemed necessary because most of the people we encountered were suffering from the effects of upset spiritual entities and we could give them fast relief by rescuing these entities from the incidents they were stuck in.

As our clients began to gain control over the beings who were actively interfering with their lives, they became aware that there were beings who were actually helping them and encouraging them. This awareness of helpful beings can show up fairly early in the use of Spiritual Rescue Technology, but the real significance of what these helpful beings do for a person can take several years of exposure to Spiritual Rescue Technology.

Someone has to be very alert to their limitations and to occasions where they exceed their limitations in order to give any notice to the possibility that their major talents stem from the active support of spiritual beings. These people are the ones who can produce superlative performances with no apparent effort and are alert enough to see that their top performance is radically different from their normal level of performance.

We have discovered from our SRT research that a lot of our inspiration and creativity comes from the spiritual teammates who are dedicated to helping us. These spirits influence us and even take control at times to carry out especially difficult tasks.

One of the signs of such spiritual control is that a person will have a “natural talent” that he has never been trained on. The person can build on this natural talent of course and become a leading professional, but many people with natural talent resist the normal training routines. Some people say their talent is “god given” and acknowledge the source in that way.

If someone with natural talent wants to see it grow, they should acknowledge that it is coming from someone other than themselves, and keep on acknowledging the source when the talent is forthcoming.

If someone has a talent provided by their spiritual teammates and does not realize this is the case, they can invalidate the idea that they have spiritual help and can lose the ability completely.

I have personal reality on this because I lost the ability to play the piano when I no longer felt I wanted to take lessons and practice. I knew I could play really well when I wanted to do so and I thought it was my natural ability that produced the emotional responses from the people who heard me play. Within two months, I lost the ability to play any of the pieces I had memorized and it was a huge disappointment. I had invalidated the beings who helped me play the paino so well.

I have encountered a group of failed prophets in session who failed to predict a disaster because they had lost the connection to the beings who were providing them with the information that had made them famous seers.

These prophets were able to predict natural events but had never understood where their information was coming from and when they became famous, they took the credit and alienated the beings who provided them with information. These unfortunate seers told me they had lost their connection to the earth which was true from their viewpoint. They had actually lost their connection to the beings who were sharing information about the earth.

I have seen one famous modern day performer who took on a different personality when he went on stage and was a star with a worldwide following. When this person was interviewed after a stunning performance, he mumbled and behaved like a shy 14 year old boy. He continued to be a star until his untimely death of a drug overdose. He used his alternate personality to good effect and became famous, but his private personality was not up to the task of living a normal life.

If you have exhibited some astonishing level of talent at some time, but cannot seem to do it reliably now, take a look at the possibility that you have broken your connection with some helpful entities and reconnect with them using caring communication and Spiritual Rescue Technology.

Once you learn how to harness the energies of your helpful entities, you might even consider pulling in some new talented entities and putting them to work on projects they are interested in. There are a lot of talented entities who do not have bodies and might be interested in joining you in a worthwhile game.

In closing, one of the best ways to stay in good communication with your helpful entities is to hold solo sessions every day so that you know what is going on and what your helpful entities want to do. This is an ongoing project and I would like to hear of your successes working with your helpful spiritual companions.

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