If You Cannot Experience Emotions, You Might Have An Entity Problem

A client has never been able to freely express her emotions and she finally decided that she should see if Spiritual Rescue Technology could provide an answer to her problem.

I asked who was afraid to express emotions and a spirit named Zachariah appeared and shared his story with a little prompting on my part.

He had decided to become a Brahmin about 5000 years ago so he could make some changes to India’s Caste system. As a Brahmin, one of the highest ranking castes in Hindu India, he felt that he would have the altitude to make sweeping changes to the existing social structure. He was prepared to do this by educating members of the lower castes so they would achieve social mobility and contribute to a more balanced society.

He misjudged the resistance he would encounter and he was shamed by other Brahmins and no one would talk to him or associate with him. He was seized and tortured for his efforts to educate lower level people and his family was shamed and punished as well for having spawned an unnatural son. The experience left him shattered and he suppressed all feelings and emotions to this day. This suppression of emotion has affected my client for many lifetimes.

He woke up and realized that he had ignored all warnings about the course he was following and got stuck in the horrendous failure he had created for himself.

He wants to remain with the client and continue helping her with her art. I suggested he tour museums all over the world and bring her back ideas she can use in her career as a professional artist. He was off like a shot.

I can’t wait to see his influence on her art.

Art is basically the skillful communication of emotion. When an artist is blocked emotionally, the art suffers as a result. You can think of art as the fearless display of emotion, because if there is no emotion all that is left is technique.

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