Finding New Stable Data as an Independent Scientologist

(Originally published by OldAuditor on May 11, 2010)

Once upon a time, Scientologists were winning in session and on course and ethics was something that was used to help you move up through the conditions. Those of us who remember the incredible wins we experienced then are vastly outnumbered by those who have only known the corrupted version of Scientology that has put the church in a tailspin for the last twenty-five years.

Make no mistake, the early version of Scientology produced miracles of increased ability through auditing and training. It was so easy getting case gain that it seemed to be the most natural thing in the world. The gains were so remarkable that we were able to ignore the out-ARC activities of Sea Org Missionaires who showed up to harass the staff with incomprehensible and unwanted projects.

As we got more training under our belts, it became more obvious that Sea Org members were a law unto themselves and didn’t bother with operating according to LRH policy. As time went on, the militarization of the church permeated down to the missions and they became a shadow of their former selves. Theta communication gave way to face rippings and the era of  fun and the wins was over.

The PR is louder and fancier than ever before, but actual accomplishments are way way down. When you watch the OT VIIIs read their carefully scripted success stories, you are seeing a PR activity, not the wins you would expect at the top of the Bridge.

Let’s look at the prophetic words of L Ron Hubbard which he wrote at the beginning of the transition from independent churches of Scientology to a massive international organization under the control of the Sea Org.

HCOPL 14 February 1965 Safeguarding Technology KSW Series 4 contains the following quote:

Scientology is a new thing – it is a road out. There has not been one. Not all the salesmanship in the world can make a bad route a proper route. And an awful lot of bad routes are being sold. Their end product is further slavery, more darkness, more misery.

From all accounts, the church started selling a bad route because that is exactly where the church is now. Extreme violations of human rights, forced abortions, imprisonment of staff, and slave labor under inhumane working conditions.

I think the church made a wrong turn in 1965, and decided to pursue the route that made the most money for the church and lost the idea of achieving personal freedom in the process.

When the Founder of a church ends up in bad case shape, on drugs, and dies as a lonely fugitive, there is a real possibility that the church and its Founder departed from the original purpose of the Scientology philosophy.

So, how does the Independent field go about salvaging the workable technology of scientology? It must go back to what works. The actions of the independent Missions and churches were responsible for the real growth of Scientology and they continued on this course until 1982 when church management violated LRH policy and penalized the upstats who built the Scientology network.

If we look at the processes and policies that were actually followed in the early days, we would have a starting point from which to evaluate the later processes and policies that crashed the stats of the church.

We will also need to look at every scrap of data regarding the decline and fall of the church and its Founder in order to avoid falling into the same trap again. Anyone who tries to maintain that certain facts must remain secret is trying to hide something and should be eased out of the research process and be left to cognite on his own.

This is not going to happen overnight as an enormous amount of false data has been introduced to hide what was going on in the church.

I think we will succeed if we take this on a gradient. While the bulk of independents are working on the removal of David Miscavige from power, those of us with a desire to deliver tech in the field will work with what we know to be good and will continue digging to find what has been corrupted or omitted from current use.

Little by little, we will run out the group engram through open communication and in the process, will uncover valid technology that was willfully obscured or corrupted.

Meanwhile, validate yourselves for using and preserving the tech you personally know to be correct. Now more than ever you should not allow anyone to quote policy at you to get you to stop what you are doing. When you read an HCOB make sure that you understand it and are in agreement with it before relying on it. It may not be easy for you to consider questioning an HCOB, but you had better learn how to give yourself certainty in a changing world.

LRH wrote some of the most magnificent summations of the human condition and codified some relationships that are vital to organizing your life and improving your existence. It is a pity that he did not follow his own advice and embarked on a dwindling spiral of drug use, overts and withholds and self imposed isolation.

If you study thoroughly, you will find areas of his later writings are at odds with his earlier writings. You will have to learn to spot the differences and decide for yourself which are right. My suggestion is to go with those processes which have been successful in increasing PC ability and personal freedom.

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