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This applies today as much as it did a year ago. I am reposting it so we do not forget the lessons of the past.

(Originally posted by OldAuditor on July 10, 2010)

As members of the Church of Scientology, we were well schooled in following directions and not asking questions about what we were being told. Our obedient behavior may have made life smoother for those in charge, but it left us wide open to manipulation by unscrupulous executives like the current COB, David Miscavige.

There are no checks and balances in the Church of Scientology. Once an abusive and suppressive individual takes the reins of the organization, everyone from the top of the organization down to the prisoners at the Hemet base in California marches to the tune of Dear Leader. Public are bullied into complying with the most outrageous demands on penalty of losing their access to the upper levels of the “Bridge to Freedom”. The ironic quotes are intentional because for the last 15 years access to the top of the Bridge meant exposure to becoming psychotic, having major health issues like cancer, and incidents of suicide and murder.

Every week those leaving the church provide ample evidence of the growing insanity of the Church of Scientology in their published Doubt Formulas. Against these firsthand reports, the Church of Scientology raises an increasing unreal screen of photoshopped events, carefully scripted success stories, and increasingly strident calls to arms to defend the faith against unbelievers. When that doesn’t work, they send their lawyers and armies of private investigators out to intimidate dissidents who are celebrating life outside church walls.

Those who wait in bewilderment for signed affidavits of wrongdoing and photographs of abuse will still be waiting for proof when their families are destroyed before their very eyes, either by being run on Black Scientology processes or being forced to rerun processes that are already complete.

Meanwhile, outside the church walls, arguments rage on whether LRH wrote a particular bulletin or policy or whether he wrote the other policies and bulletins that contradict the first ones. It is time to get over treating LRH as an infallible deity. He was both brilliant and brutal by turns, a most complex and charming individual, with all the faults of any individual who succumbs to the lure of unlimited power.

LRH wrote much that explains how to help individuals and we should use it.

If we run into material by LRH that is destructive of individuals and organizations, we do not need to explore how he came to write it, we just need to mark it as destructive and why and move on.

For example, it is a waste of time to argue whether LRH said to lie or not to lie when using PR. The simple fact is that the Church of Miscavige lies continuously in their PR, in their recruiting, in their offers of help, in their promotion of services. The group no longer has both oars in the water and have become an example of what not to do in almost every area of endeavor.

We know from bitter experience what does not work, so we might as well spend our time and efforts doing those things that do work.

We should identify those policies and bulletins that are destructive and avoid using them. We must also identify those policies and bulletins that help individuals go free and use them regardless of who wrote them.

Furthermore, as we discover more ways to grant beingness and to increase abilities, we should adopt them and acknowledge the source. We will inherit the future we create. Taking responsibility for that creation is the first step toward self-determinism.

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