Why ARC Break Needles are being called as F/Ns in the Church of Miscavige

(Originally published by Plain Old Thetan on October 3, 2010 – comments are included)

If you have noticed how haggard your  friends look on their return from sessions at Flag, the Freewinds, or the local org, this could be one of the contributing factors.

ARC BREAK NEEDLE:  A needle movement that looks like an F/N which is accompanied by bad indicators in the PC is an ARC break needle. The needle moves aimlessly about, but the PC is in GRIEF.

If you are being audited over an ARC break that is what your needle will look like.

If your auditor is GAT trained, he will call this needle phenomenon an F/N!

Your GAT trained Examiner will also call it as an F/N!

Plain Old Thetan explains how this terrible state of affairs came about.


Liabilities of calling F/Ns the Miscavige Way (Part 1) – by Plain Old Thetan

Someone asked me recently, “So what if someone called or didn’t call an F/N? So what if David Miscavige redefined F/N? What’s the big deal?”

The poor fellow had only ever been audited using Book One, so he didn’t get it. Since Jim Logan already expounded on the technical specifics of Miscavige’s F/N redefinition (http://www.scientology-cult.com/tech-corruption-floating-needles.html), I thought I’d use this opportunity to explain what the liabilities are with the auditor calling an F/N when he shouldn’t.

“What?!?” you say, “The Miscavige fiasco resulted in people calling F/Ns when they shouldn’t?”

Yep. It works this way.

I call it “simulator dependence”.

(This is my own coined phrase that is used to parallel LRH’s phrase “meter dependence”. “If the auditor seems not to accept the pc’s data, then the pc may insist that the auditor “see it read on the meter”. This can group up into a formidable meter dependence on the part of the pc. HCOB 13 April 1964 TONE ARM ACTION.)

Simulator dependence is similar in that the meter trainee only looks at the meter to determine what’s going on with the pc.

If you’ve done meter training in the GACK™1, you probably don’t know that the E-meter simulator is missing a button; there is no button that says “ARC BREAK F/N” or “ARC BREAK NEEDLE”.

An ARC BREAK NEEDLE is defined in the tech dictionary this way:

ARC BREAK NEEDLE, 2. An F/N with bad indicators is an ARC break needle. These include propitiation. It is quite usual that a pc has just mentioned grief when the ARC break needle turns on, or some gloomy idea. A real F/N means the pc is out the top; an ARC break needle means he’s out the bottom. He ceases to mock up, through grief. (HCOB 5 Oct 68) 3. may be dirty, stuck or sticky, but may also give the appearance of floating. The pc will be upset and out of comm at the same time. (HCOB 21 Sept 66)

If you’ve done meter training in the GACK, you dutifully did EM-12, which also omits the ARC BREAK F/N or ARC BREAK NEEDLE as one of the 28 needle actions.

So, being a dutiful unquestioning parishioner, and totally believing what DM says about the GACK making perfect auditors, you didn’t think to question that you would be training with omitted data.

So you finish your professional metering course and attest to it, not realizing you’ve been had. For all the FLIES™2 incorrectly and arbitrarily inserted on the GACK, Pro Metering students are not trained to recognize an ARC BREAK F/N.

LRH says very clearly in HCOB 10 December 1976 RB SCIENTOLOGY F/N AND TA POSITION (C/S Series 99) that there can be outnesses in calling an F/N, such as “(a) not considering pc indicators as senior (b) not noting pc indicators” when calling an F/N.

The problem with being told “Your Needle is Floating” when you know you’re “out the bottom”, is that it is a wrong indication and violates the trust the parishioner is supposed to have with Tech terminals in the Church.

A wrong indication invokes certain Laws Of Listing and Nulling:

12. An underlisted and overlisted list will ARC break the pc and he may refuse to be audited until the list is corrected, and may become furious with auditor and will remain so until it is corrected.

13. Listing and Nulling or any auditing at all beyond an ARC Break without handling the ARC Break first, such as correcting the list or otherwise locating it, will put a pc into a “sad effect”.

16. Listing and Nulling errors in presence of Auditors Code violations can unstabilize a pc.

20. Listing and nulling are highly precise auditing actions and if not done exactly by the laws may bring about a down tone and slow case gain, but if done correctly exactly by the laws and with good auditing in general will produce the highest gains attainable.

In addition for creating parishioners who are out-list, the Church is creating parishioners who are out-R (out of Reality).

LRH says in HCOB 20 February 1970 FLOATING NEEDLES AND END PHENOMENA:  Then with the pc, all bright, all end phenomena in sight (F/N, Cog, VGIs, Erasure or Release, depending on whether it’s Dianetics or Scientology), I say, as though agreeing with the pc, “Your needle is floating.”

So, when a pc is told he has an F/N when he knows he’s “out the bottom” is a break in Reality.

Is it any wonder many parishioners are furious with the Church and DM?

Many of them are being forced to be out-list without the Church recognizing it or correcting it.

Is it any wonder many parishioners are ARC broken with the Church?

The ARC breaks have been created by the Church and DM.

Is it any wonder disillusioned parishioners are flocking to auditors outside the oppressive cloak of the Church in order to get the out-tech on their cases corrected?

1 GACK: (1) acronym for Golden Age of Compromised Knowingness; a cynical euphemism for the Golden Age of Tech (2) The sound a cat makes when expelling a hairball.

2 FLIES: acronym for: Fabricated LRH Information Enforced on Students

– written by Plain Old Thetan

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Centurion  on October 3rd, 2010 Edit comment

OA, and POT, thank you for this very intelligent wisdome. I am not very tech trained, but I did my Level 0 course some time ago before GAT and got a PC to rave at exam. It was a good feeling. I still think about that fellow these days and hope he did not get sidetracked with GACK. Hahaha! Love that term!

Please ask Marty to post this article on his blog. It is very much worthy of rapid dissemination for independents.

Given how I felt after my last session 8 years ago, I think I am suffering from GACK. Thank goodness for the tech trained beings in the independent field. Without such, I would not know where to go for remedy without simaltaneously bankrupting future members of my family in the process.

Thank you for all you do.


Silvia Kusada  on October 17th, 2010 Edit comment

wow ! i love your articles. Thank you very much for publishing it!! great work

2ndxmr  on October 21st, 2010 Edit comment

Excellent post, David. This is the first I’ve heard of the omission of ARC needle phenomena from the meter drills. Shocking and repulsive. Good on pointing out the tie-in to out-list phenomena.

Polymath  on March 18th, 2011 Edit comment

Not too long before I got out, I went to Exams one day thinking, “That was a really shit session.” I told the Examiner it wasn’t that great, but he sat there for what felt like some time and then said, “Your tone arm is floating.” Boy, did I hotfoot it out of there and run for my train.

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