Maybe We Should Inspect Our Stable Datums – Part 1

(Originally posted by OldAuditor on September 15, 2011)

First of all, let us look at the definition of a few key terms concerning stable datums and the efforts to inspect them.

DOCTRINE OF THE STABLE DATUM, a confusing motion can be understood by conceiving one thing to be motionless. Until one selects one datum, one factor, one particular in a confusion of particles, the confusion continues. The one thing selected and used becomes the stable datum for the remainder. (POW, pp. 23-24)
— L. Ron Hubbard

Any body of knowledge, more particularly and exactly, is built from one datum. That is its stable datum. Invalidate it and the entire body of knowledge falls apart. A stable datum does not have to be the correct one. It is simply the one that keeps things from being in a confusion and on which others are aligned. (POW pg 24) L. Rom Hubbard

A stable datum keeps confusion at bay and this can relieve one of inspecting what is being kept at bay.

Therefore a stable datum is what one uses to handle confusions. Its value can only be determined by the extent to which it aids one’s survival.

A stable datum can be the presence of a leader, the existence of a policy or official proclamation or it can be a computation or a service facsimile adopted to handle a confusion.

A stable datum is what one uses to handle confusions. If it cannot be inspected or questioned, the confusions being held back will continue to grow until they overwhelm the stable datum and a debacle occurs.

Here are some examples of stable datums:

The Auditor’s Code gives auditors the successful actions that allow them to help preclears. Ignorance or avoidance of this code almost invariably produces upset and unhappy preclears. Those auditors who follow the code are far more successful. This would seem to be a useful stable datum.

“We deliver what we promise” was a stable datum in the Church of Scientology for many years. Staff would go to extraordinary lengths to make sure that students and preclears got what they were promised. It was something that we could rely on. No matter what went wrong, it seemed that staff would do what it took to make things come out right. The current COS does not deliver what is promised and public and staff are leaving in droves.

HCO POLICY LETTER OF 7 FEBRUARY 1965, Keeping Scientology Working is a stable datum for loyal church members. It lays out rules which must not be questioned and must be followed exactly in order to be considered a Scientologist. It defines Ron as the only source of all technology and establishes him as one who has risen above the bank.

It defines the successful actions required to get a technology applied:
One: Having the correct technology.
Two: Knowing the technology.
Three: Knowing it is correct.
Four: Teaching correctly the correct technology.
Five: Applying the technology.
Six: Seeing that the technology is correctly applied.

Then it makes sure that no loyal church member will commit heresy by investigating any other technology or application:
Seven: Hammering out of existence incorrect technology.
Eight: Knocking out incorrect applications.
Nine: Closing the door on any possibility of incorrect technology.
Ten: Closing the door on incorrect application.

This is one of the documents that transformed the freewheeling Scientology Organizations of the 50′s and 60′s into a well-organized cult using threats and punishment drive to ensure compliance. Violations of this stable datum are the highest crimes in Scientology.

This stable datum holds back any questioning of the history of Scientology, or of the development of the technology, or of the true history of the organization and of its founder.

If anyone were to look for themselves and question whether the technology was still a work in progress, they are exercising a power of choice that no longer exists in Corporate Scientology. Any questions regarding the motives of management, application of the technology, or non-optimum use of policy is an invitation for attack.

This is one of the main stable datums which justify ignoring any and all reports that are not issued by the self-appointed leader of Corporate Scientology. With the appearance of this document, Scientology became a faith-based organization and any search for truth was no longer permitted.

Stable datums make inspection and evaluation unnecessary, thus the wrong stable datum can bring disaster to an individual or organization, as lack of inspection leads to stupidity.

The desire to follow ones knowingness and inspect stable datums that do not appear to be survival oriented is exercising ones power of choice.

Gallileo did this and got whacked by the Catholic Church. Some independents are doing this with regard to Scientology stable datums and are coming up with answers that trouble the church. Heresy is just a matter of exercising your power of choice. Once upon a time exercising your power of choice was an expected outcome of auditing and training.

Outside church walls, exercising your power of choice is still an option for those who wish to increase their knowingness and certainty.

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