Sharing Knowledge – the risks and the rewards

We know when knowledge is kept secret, there is a natural desire by some to see that it is shared for the betterment of society.

When we share knowledge of a spiritual nature, there are several things that happen immediately:

1. Some of those who “discovered” it get furious that it is being shared without them getting credit and a piece of the action.

2. Others believe that this knowledge is so powerful that only a select group of initiates should have access to this data.

3. Others, of a “do gooder” nature want to protect people from being hurt by knowing this information.

4. There are those who will attack anything that shakes their stable data.

5. Others spread the information far and wide

As time goes on, several other things happen:

People in Group #1 will attempt to use legal means to put a cap on the dissemination and use of this knowledge. The management of the Church of Scientology has a long history of this behavior.

People in Group #2 and Group #3 will mount all sorts of disinformation campaigns to get others from looking at the data or using it.

People in Group #4 will attack the data using satire and scorn or will write scolding comments to blogs that share such data.

People in Group #5 may start using the data and create their own versions.

Unfortunately when the subject is spiritual entities, this data has been available for thousands of years and almost every culture has traditions for recognizing and handling them. The church of Scientology frowns on any discussion of spiritual activity or personal gains from auditing. In the independent field there is a much more enlightened view of the need to discuss these topics openly.

Even so, a discussion of personal wins and the properties and behavior of spiritual entities can quickly exceed the reality levels of the average listener.

Does that mean we should not share our hard won spiritual knowledge? I believe that spiritual knowledge is like fire, it transforms what it touches and the results depend on what use it is put to. I do not feel that ignorance is a safe position to hold.

For example, in my auditing as an independent auditor, I learned more about entities and their behavior than in all of my years auditing on OT Levels I-7.

This was when I began looking at the earlier materials written by Ron Hubbard and others and saw much that never made it into the official OT Levels.

That encouraged me to make the data my own and to read everything on the subject and take what I could personally verify as valid. I am not going to list the LRH references for you as there may be other references equally as valid.

I encourage you to read everything written about entities, Targs, circuits, valences, Identities, bodies in pawn, monitors, galactic overlords and anything else of a spiritual nature and to use this data to evaluate what you run into when you ask a pc what is occurring in his space or his body or is affecting him from afar.

You may discover, as I have, that most entities are actually trying to assist you in some way. Their efforts to help you may be crippling you or confusing you or driving you crazy, but you will find in many cases this is the only form of help they can conceive of.

You don’t have to date/locate a damn thing, just get in comm with the being and grant beingness! If you keep communicating to them with ARC, they eventually come to present time. Most will move off while others may wish to stick around and help. This opens the door to a whole new world as there is little written on the care and management of entities.

(Some people have even established relationships with entities who will perform such chores as fetching information and reminding them of important events. That is a topic for another post.)

A long time ago Ron said something about entities should be audited like any other pc, using the Auditors code and granting beingness, but I never found this in the OT level materials.

The information I saw spoke about using intention to handle BTs and clusters and the thetan hand technique where you scrape the beings off you. (“Take that! You icky BT, you!”)

Using the term BT depersonalizes the entities in my estimation. I prefer to use the term entity when referring to them when auditing a PreOT. That tends to cover the gamut of the entities you run into, as some are solid as stones and others are big and strong enough to take over for the pc when she or he goes out of present time.

There are even times when auditing someone whose OT case (entities) have been heavily restimulated that I found myself getting direct communication from the entities or a cluster of entities. The pc or PreOT was basically channelling the communication from the entities. The persons voice would change and the entities would tell the story from their perspective. Once the entities were handled, the pc would be able to take over again.

I also found to my surprise, that people who had never been adjudicated as clear could be run as NOTS pcs if they and their entities were granted beingness. These people had gone clear long ago and their entities had been subjected to Sec checks, Dianetic auditing, correction lists, and Grades processes.

Most of the entities had Out Int and were out list and were very suspicious of any auditing. Many of these situations were brought under control in less than 10 hours of high ARC OT repairs. Most of these pcs and all of the entities had never been acknowledged. Having a terminal that cared for them and actually listened to them made all the difference in the world.

I invite you to discover what can be done for these pcs who have been mauled and abused by church auditing. It might open up a whole new life for those you audit.

3 thoughts on “Sharing Knowledge – the risks and the rewards

  1. David St Lawrence Post author

    A reader asks: What is your opinion of the entities case? Is it as LRH thought? I’d be very interested in you opinion on this.

    The short answer is that Ron wrote many things about entities over the years and he called them by many different names, such as ridges that think, circuits, etc.

    My opinion is that auditors and students of this matter need to observe what is actually happening and make up their own mind rather than relying only on what Ron or Bill Franks or Alan Walter or anyone else said. By all means read everything you can get your hands on and then test the validity of what is being said by direct observation.

    Entities are spiritual beings and respond to communication as any other pc. They need to be audited while following the auditors code and it is necessary to grant beingness to them for best results.

    They are what is being dealt with on every OT level from OT 2 to OT 7 and beyond. I have encountered them at every case level from new scientogist to OT 8 while doing repair actions..

    From my observations, I would suggest that one applies the Condition of Non-Existence when attempting to deal with or handle entities.

    I have more to say on this area and will be writing more posts as I get time. In the meantime, feel free to ask questions.

  2. David St Lawrence Post author

    Great questions! Very short, cut to the chase answers: yes on 1, yes on 2, maybe yes on 3.

    I think there are more causes of cancer than entities, but I have seen major changes in cancer behavior as a result of auditing. One of the factors I will be discussing in future posts is the interaction we have seen between entities and the Genetic Entity. I have seen entities battling to control the GE in some area and the GE seemed really upset at being bypassed. If you take the viewpoint that the entities are trying to help in some way, it often opens the door to communicating with them and bringing them up to present time. I have found very few entities that were in present time when first contacted. They are often stuck in some past incident or implant and are doing things that do not always make sense in present time. (Just like some people you meet on the street or at parties.)

    Mental problems? Certainly! Ask anyone who has had a bad experience on OT III. Solo auditors who take on more than one entity at a time are at risk of being overwhelmed and will feel like they are being run by entities until things die down. Dealing with entities takes a little preparation although probably not as much as the CO$ claims. There is an abundance of information on the internet about solo auditing for those who are true adventurers. The result of correctly audited entities is that you become more and more aware of who you really are and more aware of the sources of negative emotions, voices in your head and mood swings. This auditing produces the most case gain per hour of anything I have experienced. Choose your auditor carefully and you will do fine.

    Most people you know are already aware that things are going on in their space that isn’t them.
    Being aware that you are being controlled by another being is a sobering experience and can actually calm someone down.

    I have had a new pc originate an angry non-sequitor rant about the validity of auditing just as we started a session.
    When I asked him, “Who said that?
    He brightened up and spotted an entity that had been given wrong items all during this pc’s auditing.
    The pc was an unacknowledged clear and had been running his entities’ incidents for years.

    Every pc I have ever met had an OT case, that is to say they had entities in some state of restimulation.
    The ones who had an idea that they were not alone were easier to help.

    If you are a raw pc who has never had auditing and you know you have voices in your head, you are easier to help because you are are interested in your case and willing to talk about it. You are by definition, ready to go in session.

    The shamanistic ritual you refer to is an excellent example of how other cultures drive out entities. The example of the girl picking up an entity on a haunted mountain in Libya resembles situations that are addressed in OT repair sessions.

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