Coming Full Circle on a Quest for Spiritual Communication

This article from early 2013 has been reposted because I have learned that so many of the people reaching for spiritual information today have gone through the same search that I did.

Our nomenclature has matured  and we refer to counseling and clients rather than auditors and pcs. See the SRT site at for the latest version of this technology.

It has taken me 38 years to connect the dots and to realize that the quest that started in 1975 with visits to a Spiritualist Church in Ft Lauderdale and led me into the upper levels of Scientology has finally connected back up with what hundreds of thousands of people are doing daily outside of Scientology.


Spiritualist churches are places of worship for the practitioners of Spiritualism. Healing circles may also be part of the formal proceedings.

Spiritualists believe that when we die physically, an aspect of the personality or mind survives this and continues to exist on a spirit plane, sometimes referred to as the spirit world. Spiritualists use the word Spirit as a plural which describes all minds and entities who have entered into the spirit world.

Meditation often includes the breathing practices of Buddhist meditation (a-na-pa-nasati) and may also include the idea of chakras. The Spiritualist may also focus on the tenets of their chosen religion to help them attain a higher existence. There are specific imagings used to “meet” one’s spiritual guide, connect with those who have died, receive protection or support from God or simply calming the mind.

I have observed one of these minister/mediums providing information about members of the  audience such as particulars of illnesses suffered and notable events in their lives, known only to that person in the congregation being given the information. She exhibited in service after service what we would call OT ability.


Scientology OT levels are a graduated series of processes for removing “Body Thetans” or BTs from one’s body or immediate environment. These BTs are spiritual entities just like the spiritual beings addressed in every Spiritualist church service.

In the Spiritualist church, the communication with spirits is done by trained mediums. In the Church of Scientology, the communication with spirits is done by auditors and by the preclears themselves.

In the Spiritualist Church this communication is viewed as a religious activity shared by many, while in the Church of Scientology this communication is viewed more as a highly confidential exorcism fraught with all sorts of danger.

This confidentiality allows the church to extract enormous fees, on the order of hundreds of thousands of dollars, to teach the preclear how to rid himself of these body thetans.

Our 21st Century field auditing, based loosely on the works of L Ron Hubbard and others, delivers services that are tailored to the needs of each preclear seeking help. As a result, there are many different therapies covered in this designation and the so called “Bridge to Total Freedom” is used as a possible guideline rather than a prescription for delivery of services. It has been established through actual observation that there are NO STANDARD PRECLEARS, so any attempt to handle them all with a standard set of actions will cause them to lose interest and to flee the church after a while.

Back to the subject of spirits or entities as I prefer to call them. Many people come into Scientology seeking to solve problems that are caused by the spiritual beings that surround them. They do not get this handled and are usually invalidated when they talk about voices in their heads or thoughts that come unbidden and disrupt their daily lives.

How can I state this heresy with a straight face? Because, I pay attention to my preclears! All of my preclears discover that they are surrounded by entities in their first or second session. This is usually, but not always, what they came into Scientology to handle.

This has been going on ever since I opened my own practice in 2010 and I have continued to get feedback from my preclears that has expanded our views of what is needed and wanted by these spiritual beings.

You will not see much of this in the NOTs materials, but this is what we have discovered through actual auditing:

– Entities are basically good

– Entities are usually trying to help the individual they are attached to

– Entities respond to acknowledgement and they communicate freely when acknowledged

– Auditing entities is quite easy and pleasant when the Auditor’s code is followed and you grant beingness to them

– If you approach entities with the idea of helping them, auditing is ever so much easier and the results are satisfying

– Bringing entities to present time from the incidents they are stuck in gives them the option of going off and starting a new life or hanging around and helping you.

– Solo auditing can be done easily without a meter, if you sit down in a quiet place and just get in comm with whoever wishes to talk with you. Two way comm will handle 85% of the entities you encounter.

– Many of my pcs are solo auditing in this way after 20 hours of being audited by me as I coach them to grant beingness to their entities and how to engage them in conversation for the purpose of helping them.

While I am very pleased at the progress we are making, I have recently observed that we are but a drop in the bucket of spiritual communication. The Spiritualist churches are still going strong and outnumber Scientologists and we now have New Age Do-It-Yourselfers who are chatting with their entities without benefit of Hubbard’s technology.


There are now hundreds of thousands of people today who have discovered that they can talk to entities directly and you can see what some are doing by Googling Spirit Guides and guardian angels (over 292 million results). Topics like Contact Your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels and What is your Spirit Guide’s Name? will give you  information that aligns well with what you will find in your Super Secret OT Materials.

We who were trained in Scientology, are a tiny minority of the people who are daily interacting with the spirits that surround them. We may have tools which enable us to handle the spiritual beings who are troubled and psychotic, but we have little experience with making use of those who wish to support us. Other groups are doing that daily and making use of their spiritual connections to heal people.

I have pcs who are doing that already, but I want to get everyone up to the point where they view their spiritual associates as teammates or friends and make effective use of them as a resource.

After years of being warned of the dangers of the OT III incident and body thetans, it may take some people a few more years to get the idea that we are truly surrounded by spiritual influences and these can be enlisted as allies instead of being viewed as some sort of terror from outer space.

All beings respond to kindness and good communication. Training you to be afraid of beings was a good way of controlling you, just like keeping you from reading the Internet.  🙂

As Fox Mulder said in the X-files, “The truth is out there.”

I invite you to explore it with me and my research partners.  You can find out more about what we are doing on this website:

and on this forum:


3 thoughts on “Coming Full Circle on a Quest for Spiritual Communication

  1. Roger Boswarva

    This is a wonderful and correct post, David.

    I did the “Scientology thing” for many years, and being insular and somewhat arrogant with my limited beliefs as inculcated by that organization’s teachings, I tended to dismiss the knowledge available to me from the other sources you cite. This even when I visited the British Spiritualist Society in London (before I did the Scientology upper levels) in 1965-6.

    When I did the “OT Levels” I did find myself addressing spiritual connections who were associated with my various chakras . . . later I learned that the Scientology dictum of “getting rid of” (by ‘blowing’) these “BTs” was a grave error.

    The truth is, the nature of the error and its gravity is that, these spiritual connections were in fact co-empowering partners with me in constructing and running/handling my game, my body, mental-universe and spiritual domain of existence. Many have been with me for eons and eons through earlier universes as we constructed our games down to present time.

    Luckily, I have been able to recover many of the spiritual “teammates” I unwittingly abused with Scientology based procedures. It turned out to be a tremendous relief to discover their power and friendship and to be able to recover our proper alignment and co-construction of the game we are playing.

    Thus I commend what you have written above. It will help many.


  2. SamU

    Hi David,

    It is a nice post and something that I’d like to validate as it is true for me. The first time I came into contact with a being was a bit of a surprise for both of us. Treating them as something to get rid of really doesn’t put the idea forth that you are there and that you are willing and able to communicate with them. The more you accept them into your zone (however large or infinite that is), the more benefit they get from you and you get from them.

    Roger, calling them “co-empowering partners” is just perfect.

    Peace, Me

  3. Scott Perry

    Whatever these “spirit guides” may be, I know they are our greatest advocates, helpers, and guides, if only we can remember how to listen to them. Some might call them the Voice of God, others, the Voices of the Inner Wisdom. I call them my “wise spirit guides”. Whatever they are, I try to remember how to hear and follow their guidance more each day, andnthey have never steered me wrong.

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