Why You Should Not Attempt To Run OT III

Xenu_space_plane1AOne of the first things you learn in auditing is that the pc needs to run his own incidents, not incidents dreamed up by the auditor or Case Supervisor.

One of the next things you learn as an auditor and as a pc is that you do not attempt to run uncharged incidents. Doing so can upset the pc and can make the pc sick.

Another thing you learn fairly early is that you do not attempt to jump from one incident to another while the previous incident is unflat.

All three of these basics are violated when running OT III as per “standard tech” instructions.

Let me say before I continue that I ran OT III in 1978 following the exact procedures laid down by Ron Hubbard in the confidential materials. I had wins but I observed phenomena that indicated that vital data was missing from our course packs. Later, when I was called on to repair OT III cases at Miami and AOLA, it was even more evident that people on OT III were not being set up properly and many seemed to scrape through with more trouble than seemed necessary. While I was on OT III in Los Angeles, I encountered several people on OT III who were in very bad case shape such that they were constantly being restimulated by going in public places. These people were finally handled by the time they did Ned for OTs (NOTs).


OT III is supposed to handle the effects of “Incident 2” which is supposed to have happened to “everyone” some 75 million years ago. There are several lies in this statement.

The first big lie is that this is the BIG INCIDENT we all experienced.

In fact, similar incidents are scattered all down the time track and they happened in different places and on different planets and universes. My PCs running OT processes encounter entities who have run this incident and it is handled like any other major engram.

You soon discover that we who are doing the auditing did not experience this incident. Ron later says that “we” should not attempt to run out our own Incident 2 but never explains why except to infer that we were Loyal Officers, etc.

You will discover in your OT auditing that anyone who suffered an incident of this magnitude has rarely been able to pick up a body since then. Most were reduced to entities and clusters of entities without bodies. These are what LRH describes as body thetans. This is a misnomer because most of these entities are attached to you as a being and not to your body. They, like any thetans, can be located where they consider they are located.

The second big lie is that this “Incident 2” and all of its implant sequence and personnel like the “Pilot” and the people dropping frozen bodies into the volcanoes comes from Ron Hubbard’s own case. I am not saying that you can’t mock up an incident and run it if you care to, but you will only get real relief if you handle your own incidents and the incidents affecting your entities.

NOTs was originally conceived as a repair action for OT III errors and for those who ran Dianetics after achieving clear. It handles the charge that entities have picked up and restores them to present time where they can be of use. Based on Hubbards aversion to entities, the OT levels in the church have become a means of ridding yourself of these beings by any means necessary.


If you are clear, the pictures and thoughts that spring into your mind unbidden are most likely from the entities that share your space. Most are quite benign, even LRH recognized this is the early days. When they are restimulated by something you are doing or experiencing, they can take control of your actions and cause all sorts of problems.

They can provide false data or act as service facsimilies and make you look like a fool when you have no intention of doing so. How many of you have noticed OTs who lie or who cannot stand to be made wrong? If you have ever wondered how OTs can be so wrong headed and out ethics, you are observing entities at work trying to help. 🙂

If you have ever wondered why so many OTs seem to be sick or in failing health, wonder no more. In my practice, I have found time after time that the person has clusters of entities that are really stirred up and they are affecting the OT’s body by causing upset or preventing healing. The main phenomena is misownership. The preclear is dramatizing the entities pain or misemotion as his own. Every attempt to audit the pain or misemotion misses the target because it isn’t the preclear’s charge, it is the entities charge that must be addressed.


Auditing entities is far simpler than you would expect. You keep your auditor’s code in and you grant beingness to the entities you are addressing. This is entirely contrary to what the church teaches you on the OT levels, which explains why I can get raw public to audit entities in their first sessions and will struggle to get OTs to actually communicate with their entities.

Too many experienced Scientologists have this attitude: “Why should I talk to them? I just want to get rid of them!”

My new raw PCs are more aware and say, “Wow! can I get them to help me?”

Contrary to what you have been told, there is no need for a rote patter when auditing entities or anybody else for that matter. You keep your TRs in and decide you want to help and then you engage in two way communication (mentally) to find out whether the entity is willing to be helped. If you get a response, the first thing you might want to do is ask if you have failed to acknowledge his efforts to help you. In almost all cases, you will get a big feeling of relief and the being will spend time telling you what you have been ignoring.

Once you start auditing the entity, you will encounter all sorts of incidents including some that resemble Incident 2. You just let the being tell you about it and if that doesn’t handle it, you can ask what he was doing that prompted others to do this to him. He will usually come up with what he was doing to make some official angry and will blow charge with a great deal of amusement.

I have written a number of articles about entities on workable technology.com. I have trained many preclears to solo audit, but there are some who are happy to have me help them audit entities.

If you would like to explore this area for yourself, send me an email or a private message on Facebook. We can arrange a complementary introductory session and find out if this is something you can handle effectively.

If you wish to read the short, accurate but unauthorized version of the OT levels, you can find it here: http://www.xenu.net/archive/ot/

8 thoughts on “Why You Should Not Attempt To Run OT III

  1. Axiom

    This makes total sense. What is weird is that while on Solo I at AOLA, I was mentally “bracing up” for this OT III “incident”, yet I could never really get the feeling of it. I should have at least had a headache or something, you would think. So much fear about the whole thing was put there but it was equivalent to a “withhold of nothingness”. There was really nothing there to handle.

    All this mystery about this incident and all the OT Levels are actually quite suppressive. For one thing is causes one to assign the wrong cause to any case manifestation that may be going on. “Oh, it must be my OT III case that is kicking my ass.” When in fact, just being allowed to educate yourself about entities would have made the whole progress up the Bridge so much smoother and easier for everyone involved. I am starting to doubt that the goal really is cleared planet.

    I don’t get what is so horrifying about these entities that you have to wait until you are on the OT Levels to know about them or begin to get in comm with them. Actually, some on them are quite fun to have around. Nice knowing I am not out in this world all alone.

  2. Stephen

    As a pre-OT I have read a lot about the levels and entities. This article gives an experienced and balanced view and is very helpful to me. Thanks.

  3. David

    Thanks for publishing this lucid explanation, which aligns closely with what I (and probably many other people) found on the OT levels. Most entities are harmless; like silly relatives who invite themselves around at weekends or offer misguided help. I found a few who were afraid to leave at first, and per the Auditor’s Code one mustn’t just boot them out. Get them to as-is what’s holding them, and let them choose what they’ll do next. As an OT’s space expands he’s going to contact more and more thetans, and will have to grant them beingness.

    The big lesson I had on Solo was that a solo auditor must never get the idea he’s a ‘solo pc’. Incident 2 doesn’t have to read, or make sense, to the auditor as long as it does to the pcs. Always accept the pc’s data. Steve Angel at AOSH ANZO gave me the good advice to not worry about whether the volcanoes on the list had existed back in the Cretaceous age: just run what reads. I believe LRH cancelled his original instruction to run our own Incidents 1 and 2 in the late 70s when he discovered that clears can’t run engrams because they no longer have any. Just as well, since Incident 2 was never our own.

  4. Nic

    Molto utile grazie. Ho fatto ot III nel ’90 auditor indipendente AAC . Adesso in pt,volevo fare
    verificare se tutto ok. Ho letto questo e…. Qualche domanda . Come si è stabilito che inc.1 e 2
    sono falsi ? Se entità dice di averli,si run ?
    Very useful thank you. I did ot III in ’90 AAC independent auditor. Now pt, I wanted to do make sure everything is ok. I read this and …. Some questions. As it was determined that inc.1 and 2 are false? If being saying to them, you run?

    Answer from David: Yes. If beings tell you about an incident, you run it.

  5. Markee Marquis

    The thing that I really find absurd is that how could Incident 2 have happened to “all” of us? In the first place not all of us have been in this universe for 75 million years. LRH says in The First American ACC, I believe it is, that we have been here anywhere from 3000 to 76,000,000,000,000 years. When I read this, I couldn’t understand for the life of me how I could have possibly been here for more than 2000 years. I clearly remember being in native state and awakening to see the MEST universe and deciding to enter it and I remember a handful of very lucid wholetrack memories after that, including what I did that landed me on the implant station and I thoroughly remember that and choosing the body and my mother’s belly.

    The only thing that could make sense is if he meant by “all of us” meaning that some other entity within our body/beingness composite experience it, similar to how he says you can find the incident of the clam and the sloth, and any PCs bank – I guess he means the GE?

    To be honest with you, though, it really creeps me out and feels that it must not be somehow right that each and every one of us are clustered together with other Thetans, some of what we should not get rid of an must keep clung to us. LRH talks about getting rid of circuitry, that a lot of these are demon circuits and how a person should be able to fully run many functions all at once (I know he drove the ship while being in session with his eyes closed, or having gone out of his body somewhere else, because my old 2-D was the Commodore’s messenger and told me so. LRH also talks about all of the synthetic machinery we have set up not only in this physical universe, but in our banks which we don’t need it all such as, for example writing a grocery shopping list when we don’t need to “commit anything to memory” or do it that way either because we have the OT power to do it all ourselves without that.

    LRH was far beyond any ordinary human being that ever walked this planet, for sure. If someone wants to keep entities around to send them off to do things, well, I guess it would be kind of like having employees? It doesn’t appeal to me though, because how do you know their information is going to be accurate? I’m not invalidating anyone, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions and desires. But one other thing I just can’t see, is how are we going to sleep this universe and go to another Theta one, which does require us to be OT something with entities clustered attached to us?

  6. David St Lawrence Post author

    Have you ever found a being who was not attached to other beings?

    Scientology held out the false goal of an entity being able to exist without other entities. Poor LRH was still battling entities in the last weeks of his life.

    Lower toned beings seek opponents. Higher toned beings work cooperatively with other beings to accomplish great things.

    You are free to choose the course of your future life. You might want to read this to get different perspective on what is actually going on:

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