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melancholiaI am trying to get as much of this data in your hands as soon as possible now that I know you want to audit yourselves with Independent Style OT Auditing.

This is material I have been using for the last four years and have been expanding it with the help of my pre-OTs. I just did not take time to write it all down. I have been answering questions from the Free Scientologist FB group and that has filled in some of the gaps, but there is a great deal more to write before you will have a complete read-it-drill-it-do-it manual for handling the spiritual beings that are actually running your lives most of the time.

I do not want to give you process steps as you will learn more from a narrative description of typical session actions.

And that brings me to the point of this article: Unless you are absolutely “in the zone” or totally exterior and focused on what you are doing, you are getting thoughts, distractions, pains of various kinds, illnesses, and impulses that affect you almost every moment of your daily life.

I can even predict that if your response to this last statement is “That’s bullshit!”, you have an entity who is protecting you from learning this information.  🙂

The sorry truth is that entities exert more control over your everyday actions than you can possibly believe. And…they are doing this to “help” you!

The proof lies in the fact that finding an undesired behavior or feeling and handling the entity causing it produces and instantaneous change in what is occurring.


What I have observed and entities have corroborated this, is that when you audit someone you are auditing his entities at the same time. If the entity thinks he IS the person, he can run the process and will probably get case gain and cognite.


I coach my pre-OTs to recognize whether a charged area is theirs or somebody elses. Amazingly enough, even green preclears can detect that there is something different about some pains or emotions or upset and can begin to locate the source right away.

The worst case scenario is when a person is experiencing severe physical illness and feels the panic that signals loss of control of their body. If the person is a church audited OT, they are often in total confusion because they have no clue what is happening and are sure that something is wrong with their body.

Calming the person down and getting their attention off the confusions they have about their body and on to the auditor is the first step. Getting the person to put their attention on different areas around the body and looking for angry areas or destructive flows is the next step. Usually the person will stop being panicky as soon as they spot that there is a black mass or some hostile energy in some location and it is trying to hurt them. The preclear does not recognize this in most cases but you as the auditor will see the pc calm down immediately and it will encourage you to go on.

Up to this point you may have only been going on faith that maybe this St Lawrence guy has good intentions but you are still waiting for the “sign” that this might be working. When you watch a pc come out of a panicked frenzy as she spots that there is an entity that is hurting her or driving her crazy, you become a believer and now you can get to work bringing the entity to present time.

The pc calms down and starts to work with you as you coach her into getting in communication with the entity and finding out what it has its attention on. It is at this point that the preclear becomes a pre-OT and starts taking responsibility for the entity and tries to help it.

It may take a bit of coaxing at first, because your pc has been frantically trying to get rid of the demon that seemed to be possessing her and you need to get her to understand that the only way to communicate and handle the situation is through ARC and a sincere intention to help.

I am not giving you a patter here as that is not the way you work with any pc whether they have bodies or not.

The overall process is simply this:
1.  Get the pc to see if they can locate a spot in space or in their body that seems to be the source of the discomfort or emotion they are feeling.
2. Get the pc to be willing to communicate with this spot. You may have to get the pc to spot the tone level of the spot first to raise her willingness.
3. Get the pc to ask the entity if it is willing to be helped. If the pc is willing and able to do this, she has transitioned from being a pc to a pre-OT. A pre-OT is one who audits her entities and brings them to present time for the benefit of all concerned. A person who is determined to be a pc will want the auditor to do it all.
4. Work with your pre-OT until she has pervaded the space that is bothering her and is able to tell you if it is one entity or a cluster of entities. At this point, some of the entities will start to break away from the cluster and you will work with the pre-OT to bring all entities to present time.
5 Once the entities are in present time, they may wish to leave or want to stay with the pre-OT. They should be made welcome to stay as we have learned thay they can contribute to the quality of the pre-OTs life. (This is a huge subject and will be covered elsewhere)
5. Most entities cognite rapidly if the pre-OT stays in communication with them and is interested in their welfare. The more difficult ones will stay grumpy until you find out what they have done to you that you don’t know about. Their attempt to hide what they have done will eventually break down if you persist and are non-threatening.
6. If the entity does not respond to you even with smooth handling, it is probably connected to someone else and is being controlled from elsewhere. With a little training, you will be able to handle these situations smoothly. Until you are confident in your handling, call your nearest Independent Style OT auditor and he will help you and your recalcitrant entity. It will not take long.

Stay tuned for  the next release.

3 thoughts on “More about Auditing Entities

  1. Axiom

    David, very well said! This is so do-able, I can taste it. The more I learn about entities the more appreciation and empathy I have for them and the more I truly want to help them. This whole area of Independent OT auditing is so exciting and frees up so much theta in my universe. It gives a whole new meaning to the definition of life.

    I am really very aware of how I have been the effect of not understanding this data. If someone would have told me the first day I walked into the church that what was wrong with me was 10 million exterior beings who were following me around, I would have said, “Cool, lets handle that.” But I am there now so let me get in comm with them. This is really so enlightening.

    I feel as though I have been traveling up a mountain, falling back a few times and hitting my head on the rocks below, trying to reach the top, knowing that at the top I will see a beautiful panorama with flowers, trees and life all around and the wonderful ocean below with waves breaking against the shoreline.

    My real life is awaiting me on the other side of OT. I just can’t wait…

  2. Roger

    Brilliantly put, David.

    I would add that not only do the “entity” spiritual connections we have about us occasionally exhibit destructive or hostile intent or emotions toward us, but any of the full range of negative moods . . . imagine the effect of having an entity as a source constantly creating onto you or permeating you with such feelings or imagery as “defeat,” inability, no-power, loss, uselessness . . . you could list the entire range of human ineptitude here and observe individuals being affected by them.

    I absolutely concur with your observations, as I know they are based on rather vast experience and I have seen these phenomena myself.

    The key to the recovery of one’s optimum state of Being and awareness is to be able to spot/recognize the true source and the who/what of that which affects or influences one.


  3. Axiom


    Thanks for that additional information. It does answer a few questions that I have had. I feel better knowing that some of those, possibly all, of those negative feelings and emotions and sensations that I sometimes have are not me. So there is hope.

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