Finding your way as an Independent Scientologist

(Originally published by OldAuditor on December 10, 2009)

If you become independent of the Church of Scientology, you will be exposed to new data on Ron’s life and career, the development of the technology, and an intimate history of the Church that you have never seen before.

You have left an environment where ANY questioning of the Tech, Policy, Management, or Ron causes severe repercussions and have entered this new environment where you are permitted to ask questions and are encouraged to make up your own mind!

Can this shake your stable data? It sure can, especially when you start looking at aspects of the Tech, of the Church itself, and LRH that you have never permitted yourself to see before. For some of you, this can be a bit overwhelming at first.

Just remember that you have left a structured environment where you wore self-imposed blinders and are now free  to observe and comment on your observations.

Do you remember this from the Creed of the Church of Scientology?

We of the Church believe:

That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.

The Church of Scientology does not practice what it preaches. You are only allowed to follow the party line.

As an Independent Scientologist, you are free to follow your own Code of Honor and seek truth.

In this new environment, there are many different viewpoints and you will find a constant stream of discussions about what is true and what is not true.  You will even find some areas of Independent Scientology calling other areas “Squirrels” to hoots of laughter from those who have found many workable solutions to setting beings free.

If  the new data you are being exposed puts you into a confusion, there is a way to find certainty under these conditions and thus map out a course to spiritual freedom that works for you. The solution employs some very basic technology which you can use to sort things out for yourself.

From Introduction to Scientology Ethics we see that Confusion can be defined as any set of factors or circumstances which do not seem to have any immediate solution.

Confusions have pieces. If you were to grasp one piece of the confusion and relate other pieces to what you have grasped, you will soon have mastered the confusion.

If you look at your past and present exposure to Scientology, is there one piece that you have total certainty on?

Use this to align all of the other material you are about to encounter.

For me, it is the absolute certainty that the auditing and ethics technology produce fantastic results when standardly delivered (with the Auditors Code fully in).

Using that certainty, I can now evaluate the importance of LRH’s real life as opposed to the CofS version. I can also evaluate the importance of knowing that Volney Mattheson’s work with his e-meter predated and formed the basis of much that LRH wrote about metered auditing.

Do I care that David Mayo may have developed some of the NOTS material while doing repairs on LRH? Do I care that Jack Parsons studies in Black Magic may have influenced LRH? No!

Does it matter that LRH did not create scientology from scratch and may have adapted the work of others? Not at all!

What I care is that the technology I experienced as a PC and delivered as an auditor for 20 years produces workable and repeatable results in spite of auditing errors, C/Sing errors and arbitraries introduced by management.

We have an opportunity as Independent Scientologists to handle the errors of the past, handle inconsistencies in programming cases, and to explore productive avenues that were deliberately ignored in the past.

Some may wish to preserve Scientology as it was in the Sixties, or Seventies, or even post-GAT. That is their privilege. They probably do not realize that the rigid top-down control of the Tech is history.

We live in a connected world where the market is better informed than the purveyors of services. Wins and failures alike are swiftly exchanged on the Internet. Any group that seeks to help Man had better get used to having their motives and their services questioned and discussed.

Any organization delivering auditing will benefit from PCs sharing their wins and disappointments with others. The groups that will survive will listen to their public and swiftly handle any errors in delivery or in setting expectations.

Unfortunately, the CofS is not doing this and will shortly fade into oblivion like other organizations that tried to control customer communication.

As an individual, you need to investigate the field groups and see what they have to offer. It is already apparent that the entire Bridge is available outside the confines of the CofS and according to reports it is affordable and delivered with great ARC and no crush regging for the IAS or new buildings.

If your experience with the Church of Scientology provided no service that delivered what you needed and wanted, your best bet is to study everything you can find in the field of independent scientologists until you find something you fully agree with and use that to work out any confusions concerning what you want to do with this technology and independent scientology.

If all else fails, ask an experienced Independent Scientologist for advice. I think you will be pleasantly surprised how supportive they are.

If you have any difficulty finding someone to answer your questions please send me an email at I will be glad to assist you and can help you through the changes you will experience as a new independent Scientologist.

Good luck!

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