Spiritual Rescue Technology – an overview

This is an English language translation of an earlier work that was written in Scientologese. This version is intended for readers who have never encountered the Church of Scientology


Just suppose there was a way to regain long lost abilities by simply reading, drilling and then handling your spiritual entities using material written for a do-it-yourself spiritual seeker of truth? Just suppose that the nightmares of your past could be vanquished forever?


That technology exists now and has been field tested on actual clients with predictable results. It can be delivered by an advanced spiritual counselor to the client or the client can do it solo with occasional assistance from his counselor.

It uses a different approach to anything in use today and it is called Spiritual Rescue Technology


For example, there are tens of thousands of people who have worked out ways to communicate effectively with the spiritual entities that surround them. There are many books written on how to talk to your personal angels and how to recognize your spirit guides. There are entire organizations working to raise awareness of the importance of working with our spiritual partners.

Google “spirit guides”, “angels”, “spiritual entities” and you will find more accurate information about these spiritual beings than most people could imagine.

The weak spot in much of this spirit guide literature is that the major attention is on the helpful spiritual entities who are willing to communicate and help people and the handling of demonic entities is left to a priest or other professional.

Handlings for angry or demonic spirits are focused on driving them away. This is the approach used by the Catholic Chuch and the Church of Scientology. Exorcists and Scientologists are both trying to drive “evil” entities away. The Vatican even has a department of Exorcism with a Head Exorcist. Whatever processes they use, they seem to work after a fashion.

There is now a better way to become cause over all spiritual entities whether spiritual or demonic.

Only recently have practitioners realized that most spiritual entities want to help and that it is quite possible to unstick these entities from the painful past experiences that bedevil them and bring them up to present time where they can provide real assistance to us in everyday life.

We call this better way of handling spiritual entities Spiritual Rescue Technology. It can be started as soon as a person becomes aware that there are other spiritual beings sharing their space.

The optimum approach seems to involve using the workable parts of David Mayo’s research together with the enlightened attitudes of modern day spiritualism. It bypasses the need to run any of the arbitrary incidents employed to sell the Church of Scientology OT levels and it doesn’t involve exorcism or sacred rituals of any type whatsoever.

The simplicity of our do-it-yourself processes are what makes them so powerful. They were designed and tested to detect and handle spiritual entities who are available to be addressed. This is the key to our success, addressing only those entities that are looking for help.

At any given time, you are surrounded by spiritual beings with a wide range of awareness and interest in what you are doing. Many are asleep, while others are happily accompanying you through your day. Some however, still have attention on old injuries and humiliating defeats and their memories close in on you when you encounter a situation similar to theirs.

The problem for you is that you are usually unable to distinguish their upsets from yours! If you are surrounded by spiritual beings who are in grief, it is almost impossible to separate their grief from your own feelings and whatever you are feeling can be drowned out by the strength of their emotions.

Spiritual Rescue Technology processes can be started as soon as a person becomes aware that there are external influences and thoughts affecting his life. Sometimes this appears as voices in his head, but it could be emotions that flash on and off without notice. It can sometimes be noticed when the person is “just not feeling like himself”


The person wishing to take advantage of this technology needs to be in fairly good shape mentally and physically or he will be unable to do this as a do-it-yourself activity. If he is not in good shape, he should not attempt to do it on his own, but should get sessions from a professional Spiritual Rescue Technology practitioner until he is in good enough shape to manage on his own.

Someone who has had an extensive drug history or has been unable to get their life together will require spiritual assistance of a different sort before they are ready to tackle entities. Many of the other practitioners on this site offer services which help boost a person’s spiritual horsepower so he is less likely to be overwhelmed by spiritual entities in his daily life.

When the person is healthy, able to be in present time and is doing better in life, he can then start receiving Spiritual Rescue Technology and will get the expected results of increased vitality and a new sense of purpose. He will need to be doing even better in life before he should consider any do-it-yourself therapy

Failure to get one’s life together first will make do-it-yourself spiritual exercises difficult if not impossible and may result in heavy emotional losses and possible illness.

Getting ones life together involves handling most communications issues, continuing problems, upsets and regrets. This can be quickly done with the actions described as Life Repair in other sections of this website.

Once this is done, people can benefit from this powerful new material and may experience rapid changes in the quality of their lives.

WHAT ABOUT THE STATE OF CLEAR? (A possible concern for Scientologists)

If a person is already able to detect and communicate with entities, The state of Clear becomes a formality. The real purpose of attaining the state of Scientology Clear was to prepare the person to run the OT levels where he would be introduced to spiritual entities.

If the person off the street wants to run entities and is able to communicate with them comfortably, he is probably ready to receive Spiritual Rescue Technology processing and then go on to do Spiritual Rescue Technology actions on a solo basis.


You can find it in SPIRITUAL RESCUE TECHNOLOGY EXPLAINED – PART ONE  which is the following post.

If you have any questions on this material, leave me a comment or send me an email and I will respond.

David St Lawrence

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