Spiritual Rescue Technology – Part Two

This is an English language translation of an earlier work that was written in Scientologese. This version is intended for readers who have never encountered the Church of Scientology.


Once you have an understanding of Spiritual Rescue Technology basics, this becomes an entertaining challenge because your mission is to contact spiritual entities which are experiencing difficulty and to bring them to present time. You actually need to recognize that this is a rescue mission, to put you in the proper frame of mind to succeed every time. In most cases, the rescue can be accomplished in one session.

This is the stunning simplicity of SR Technology, you locate and contact spiritual entities, rescue them by unsticking them from whatever incidents they are fixated on, and then bring them to present time.

Most of the time, they will quickly get in communication with you and will be willing to work with you in a harmonious relationship.

Here is the basic handling in more detail:

In session, we locate spiritual entities or clusters of spiritual entities by asking what is the client’s attention on or what problem or concern does he or she want to handle? A solo client needs only to notice where his attention is being drawn.

Then, the client is coaxed to ask the entity if it needs help. This is done mentally as all communications are telepathic. The new client is usually quite startled to “hear” an answering thought when he asks a question.

There are questions you should ask an entity once it shows a willingness to communicate. You can ask who or what it is and it may give you some unusual answers. Do not question the answers, just acknowledge the being mentally for answering you.

Asking when it joined the client will separate the being from its assumed identity as the client. Some spiritual entities are quite surprised to find that they are not the client! They have been BEING the client for many years and have been frustrated at the lack of success they have had in controlling things or warding off danger.

This is not a rote, by the numbers exercise. You contact the entity and you get in comm with him or her by asking appropriate questions and matching tone levels. Once you are in communication, you are looking for information which will bring the entity to cause over his situation.

He can be talking to you and still be totally stuck in an incident. This is not so different from many of the people you talk to during the day. Once you ask some personal questions and show your interest in the entity or person, they will recognize you as a real terminal who is paying attention to them.

If you know how to strike up a conversation with a person in Starbucks and get them to tell you about important things in their life, you are already trained to help spiritual entities because similar steps are involved.

Their emotional tone level comes up as you talk with them and they will volunteer information that will lead you to ask more questions until they are completely in present time and discover that something has changed for them.

Once they start looking around, you can ask them what they would like to do now. Quite often, they will be interested in hanging around and possibly helping out in some way. There are several ways to handle this which are covered in the last section.

You might want to see if they know what year it is. Some will need orienting as they were last awake many centuries ago. You can get them to experience present time by sending them to a quiet beach or to a busy mall depending on their situation. Sending them to a mall to go window shopping usually makes them quite happy and they will come back to you with all sorts of observations. At that point they are often ready to go to work in some capacity.

Here are just a few of the situations you may encounter when applying Spiritual Rescue Technology:



This is the most common situation. The client becomes aware of an entity or mass in his space and attempts to get in comm with it. The entity responds with a burst of surprise and seems to vanish.

A slight variation on this theme is getting in comm with an entity and asking him who he is and he responds with the clients name. He usually has been under the impression that he was the client and was managing the body all this time. Asking when he joined the body will often help him sort the matter out. He will often experience relief once he knows why his commands were not being executed properly. Many spiritual entities in this situation are unaware that there is a “big” entity running the body and that they were separate spiritual entities.

Spiritual entities in this situation are easy to handle as they have been trying to make things go right for a long time. Once you get in comm with them they are eager to stay on and help out.



This example deals with compulsive behavior. A typical client complaint might be, ” I have this compulsive desire to organize things and tidy up places no matter where I am!“ This and the following compulsion are handled in the same way.

A more troubling compulsion was expressed as “I have this problem with men. Once I get emotionally close to a man, I can’t seem to stop pursuing him. I have to have him! I lose all restraint. It is ruining my life and nothing has handled it.”

A little discussion in either case brings out the fact that there is a definite point where the compulsion takes over and the client feels helpless to resist it.

We find that the compulsion seems to emanate from a point in front of the client each time it occurs.

The client is asked to locate the exact point where the compulsion comes from and say how big an area is involved.

Once the client gets the location and size, she can be asked if it is a cluster of spiritual entities or a single entity. Even a first time client seems to be able to tell if it is one being or many jammed together.

We get the client to ask the cluster how many beings are in the cluster and it usually begins to break apart as individual spiritual entities recognize their unique status. We get the client to pervade the cluster and see what picture is held in common. This is usually an incident related to the compulsion felt by the client.

The cluster will begin breaking up as the picture is recognized as such and acknowledged. It may vanish completely or a few individual beings may remain and need to be handled as single spiritual entities.

Asking when the incident occurred will often cause the cluster of entities to dissipate. If it doesn’t dissipate, you might ask what they were doing or not doing before the incident. This will usually reveal that they were ignoring danger signals of some sort or they were annoying someone and got zapped. At this point the entities start showing some amusement and most will come to present time.

If the client has been exhibiting obsessive compulsive behavior regarding organizing everything, there will usually be an incident where the spiritual entity was severely punished for not doing something right

If the client has been experiencing lust as in the second example, the spiritual entity’s incident may contain strong sexual images and impulses which acted upon the client at inappropriate times. Getting the entity to tell what was done that caused the painful incident to occur will usually free the entity from the incident and he will come up to present time.

Finding “when” the implant was set in is the light-touch easy way to deal with it.

This is not a taped and rote by the numbers exercise. You contact the entity and you get in comm with him or her by asking appropriate questions and matching tone levels. Once you are in comm, you are looking for information which will bring the entity to cause over his situation.

As was stated earlier, If you know how to strike up a conversation with a person in Starbucks and get them to tell you about important things in their life, you are already trained to help spiritual entities because the same steps are involved.

Once the client frees the entity from the incident it feels stuck in, the clients compulsions drop away.



You ask what the client’s attention is on and their response is: I have this pain in my stomach, or head, or some other body part.

You get them to locate the cluster of entities or single entity that is connected to this pain and you can ask who it is and what it is.

On the other hand, merely asking an entity, “Are you doing this to help in some way?” (“What are you trying to help?”) will often get the entity to immediately begin open communication.

Occasionally the entity may say, “Fuck off!” and you need to use a different approach. (They do get quite rude at times, so you need to keep your manners in and remember that you are there to help this being and bring him to present time)

You can ask, “Has your help not been acknowledged?” and that will often open the doors to an extended rant but the entity will now be in comm with you.

Remember that acknowledgments are VITAL when you are handling an upset entity.

Your communication with the entity needs to be smooth and as pleasant as possible and you must not allow yourself to get irritated and get angry when your offer of help is refused and you are called rude names. Patience and a calm demeanor will go a long way toward smoothing out an upset between you and an entity.

You need to understand why the entity is angry and do the appropriate handlings and acknowledgments to get his upset handled. The upset may even be with you, so be prepared to take responsibility for whatever you did. Be prepared to admit you caused the problem if that is the case.

You can ask, “What have I done wrong? Or What did I do wrong? Then, just listen and let him know that you understand what he is saying.

Take responsibility for whatever you did or didn’t do and then stay in comm with the entity and bring him to present time with good two way communication. Make sure you let the entity say what he wants to say and understand and acknowledge him. If you don’t get what he is saying at first make sure that you keep listening until you get it all.



This is an example of a spiritual entity being controlled by someone else.

You locate and handle an entity and he communicates all sorts of things but he doesn’t seem to have any realizations and there is no change in him or in his willingness to come to present time. He may stop making sense and he may seem to go silent at different times.

Ask the entity if it is “connected” to something or someone in a different location. If it is, you will get an immediate reaction and you begin handling the connection in order to sever it.

The connection will seem to be from an entity in the clients space or on the clients body to another entity far away. There may a connection from the being running the body (the client) to a distant location, but it seems to be less common.

The connection may be “visible” to the client or Solo client as a line stretching off in some direction or it may be totally invisible and exist only as a concept. Either way, your objective is to find what is at the other end of this connection.

The connection is usually two-way. Commands come down the connection and data flows upward to a monitoring system. The purpose seems to be to track and control the client. Sometimes the client has agreed to be tracked and controlled because of his past misdeeds.

This can be handled by having the client, not the entity, sever the line going to the remote location or to send a destructive impulse through the connection until something breaks the connection.

Getting the client to pervade the situation and talk about it will eventually unravel the agreement that is holding this communication line in place if actively disrupting the connection does not seem to work.

There are many different connection situations. Some spiritual entities are connected to a network of higher level spiritual entities who monitor spiritual entities on various clients. Some spiritual entities seem to be connected to machines located elsewhere.

Once the connection is broken, the entity needs to be brought to present time and released or recruited.


These are just a few of hundreds of examples. They all can be viewed as rescue missions with the object of bringing an entity or spiritual entities to present time. Unsticking the spiritual entities from past incidents can take many forms but the easiest way is to get in good communication with the entity and show it that you care for it and get it to communicate what its attention is stuck on. If you, as a solo client, do that with compassion and a desire to help, you will be as successful as any professional Spiritual Rescue Tech practitioner.


The answer to that is contained in SPIRITUAL RESCUE TECHNOLOGY EXPLAINED – PART THREE ( coming next)

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