Is there a More Realistic Expectation for Life at the Top of the Bridge?

(Originally published by OldAuditor on December 18, 2009)

I think it’s time we looked at this closely.


In my experience, the wins at the top of the Bridge are absolutely mindblowing, but there is still so much more to handle that an OT untrained as an auditor is constantly at risk. Without auditor training, an OT encountering “Role of Earth” phenomena can get sick for extended periods or suddenly lose control of their body. Without auditor training, an OT can find himself in a suppressive work environment and wonder why life seems so grim.

I have heard and read comments from OTs who express disappointment in life at this level and I feel it is time for a frank and ongoing discussion of what one might reasonably expect to encounter in the OT band of existence.

Furthermore, I feel that OTs should be prepared to continue auditing periodically as long as they have a body. I think it is complete folly to stop auditing and expect that one will be free of outside influences forever after.


Specific Examples:

OT VIIs are rightfully exuberant when they attest to “Cause Over Life” for example and are rightfully distressed when they collapse at their desk due to forces beyond their understanding. In the instances where I was called in to assist, these OTs were struck down by things they had never encountered before.

Did they attest falsely? I am sure they did not.

I am aware of OTs who have lead exemplary lives and have achieved amazing degrees of success in fields they had never worked in before. At the same time, these OTs have been hit with physical crises that were triggered by case manifestations that had never come up in sessions.

In other cases, I have seen OTs display out of valence behavior, formidable Service Facs, and completely unethical behavior in some part of their life.

So? How can this be addressed?

In the mother church of which we were a part, investigation and discussion are frowned upon and things that don’t fit the narrative are swept under the carpet.

Independent Scientology has access to more trained auditors and C/Ses than the Church of Scientology. It would seem appropriate if compilation were made of the threats to spiritual freedom that are not covered in the current Bridge together with suggested handlings.

At the same time, an R-factor would be prepared for those ascending the Bridge which would set expectations of abilities gained and wins to be had, but would prepare PCs and OTs for an extended course of auditing and other handlings to assure that stability and good health would continue indefinitely.

With the reasonable fees of Independent Scientology, training and auditing are no longer crushing financial burdens. One could easily schedule regular checkups with your favorite field practice, much as you do with your dentist or doctor.

It’s all about Expectations

If people coming into Independent Scientology are given the truth about gains and about the real amount of threats to be handled, they would be far more prepared for what they will encounter and will not invalidate their state of case when a new problem arises.

I have noticed that every time someone achieves a huge increase in ability, they shortly become aware of things that need handling in their environment. Once they become aware of these things, it seems they also become targets where before they were operating under the radar.

I remember after completing OTIII,  suddenly becoming aware that there were lines coming in on me from places I never knew existed. I had this feeling that I was standing out somehow and was visible in ways that I had not been before. The picture that came to mind was being in a large flock of sheep with a couple of us sheep beginning to stand up on our hind legs. We were visible from a long way off…

My solution was to get more auditor training and to learn about the things that were beginning to impinge on me.  Handling was actually not a big deal once I knew what I was dealing with.

Some suggested reading:

Read History of Man. I know you have read it but read it again with the idea that you might have to handle some of the wilder stuff when you least expect it.

Listen to the Role of Earth or read the transcript. There is a wealth of information there which can save your bacon or can enable you to help a loved one when the inexplicable happens.

You might want to read my post on The Trap of Unrealistic Expectations

What to do for lasting peace of mind:

You need to become OT and get trained. Auditing alone leaves you clean and shining until something attacks you out of nowhere. If you are not trained, it can be a long wait before you can get help. Get trained and support your local Independent Scientology auditor. You never know when you will need him or her.

Ron writes about achieving a state where livingness produces case gain. This state is definitely achievable when people have become OT enough and trained enough that they can spot the source of difficulties when life impinges on them and blow stuff by inspection. If you read that again you will realize that this is not a finite process. You just keep on handling whatever life throws at you.

Think of it as dusting yourself off when life spatters you. There is a lot of crap in the universe and it doesn’t go away when you become OT whatever. You should probably look at this as a long term periodic maintenance routine. Just get yourself up to the level where you can reliably spot and blow stuff by inspection

Last comment: OT levels do not eliminate the need for the  Grades Processes. It may also be true that the Grade Processes REALLY BITE after the OT levels. If so, that would something I would be interested in running again. As long as there are things to handle, I will look forward to auditing.

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