Spiritual Rescue Technology – Appendix A – excerpt

How to determine if you or someone else has unhandled or unacknowledged entities

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-beings-image22716050A little preamble is in order here. You do not have to believe any of this and should feel free to reject it or use it as you see fit. All of these observations are based on observations by a team of experienced spiritual counselors and clients. Most of these observations are couched in terms of your personal experience, but you will see these manifestations in others like your family members, friends, coworkers, and in elected officials, to name a few.

Your behavior can be affected by your own painful experiences and decisions but they can be directly affected by the painful experiences and decisions of the spiritual beings who are associated and attached to you. It has been observed that developing a working relationship with these entities produces a happier existence for all concerned.Every being who has not been acknowledged is probably opposing your actions constantly. Every being whose painful experiences are being restimulated by what you do in life is causing YOU to experience the attitudes, emotions, sensations and pains of these experiences as your own and this is called misownership.

Their effect is so pronounced that handling one entity can change a persons life forever. I see this in session after session and I would like you to experience this for yourselves on a continuous basis.This list describes some sixty-odd indications that you may have some unhandled or unacknowledged entities. There are many more, but this should give you a good start. There are additional comments at the end which will help you get started handling your relationship with these entities.

Here are the signs of unhandled or unacknowledged spiritual entities:

Indicators are grouped by function


A. You are a top performer in your group or your job and yet people do not seem to appreciate you or acknowledge you. You get the feeling that everyone is out to get you and you job experiences and life experiences bear this out. You feel like you are operating under a curse.

B. There are people in your daily life that seem to give you grief for no reason and you find yourself unable to deal with them although other people can do the same things and you will blast them away.

C. You keep committing harmful acts on yourself and on others.

D. The person speaks and acts in an exaggerated manner as though playing a part.

E. The person is degraded and unclean. It feels to you as though there is nobody home.

F. The person speaks in the third person. i.e., Mavis keeps saying “Mavis says”.

G. You may have difficulty knowing who you really are. You may may have a sense that you are parked somewhere watching all of this go on.

H. The person launches into the same story again and again with no recollection that it was told before.

I. The person is able to rattle off facts in great detail with no evidence of ever using them. The guy may be able to tell you the page and paragraph where the information is located, but does not show signs of having absorbed it for use.

The rest of this list appears on the Spiritual Rescue Technology site at: http://spiritual-rescue-technology.com/?p=135

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