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voodoo-doll-dreamstime_xs_29753076I have had to handle curses for several clients and they can present a problem because they are so unbelievable that the affected person cannot believe that they have been under a curse. After all, this is the 21st Century and we are not simple savages who believe that one individual can affect another with psychic powers alone. Right? RIGHT???

Wait until you encounter a curse that cripples you or your client and has been doing so for many years and often many lifetimes. Curses do not seem to wear out and they can follow someone down the time track for lifetime after lifetime. Fortunately, you can dispel a curse quite easily using a simple variation of the Spiritual Rescue Technology procedure.

First of all, you need to be aware that curses exist and have done so for as long as life has existed. A curse is what someone does when they are weak and cannot defeat a superior opponent in a direct fight. Traditionally, old women specialized in curses as a means to ensure their survival or to get revenge if you overpowered them and cut their survival short. We call those women witches and smart people did not cross them.

Anyone with the proper motivation can cast a curse and have it stick to the intended target. First of all, a curse can be just another postulate along the lines of: “You will never find love!” or “Everyone will know you for the scumbag you are!” or “You will never have another day of peace!” Postulates can create a persisting problem for the recipient, but they can be handled when they are discovered.

The more talented beings can hurl a being or set of beings at their target with instructions to destroy the target in various innovative ways. Destroying their sex drive, crippling their body, haunting them with confusing thoughts and fears, all of these and more will be encountered if you do enough auditing.

It can be many years later and your client or you can have mysterious ailments that recur time and time again with crippling effect and nothing seems to handle the problem terminatedly. Engram running seems to help temporarily as do touch assists and other assist processes, but the trouble continues on and off for year and years.

When you are using spiritual rescue technology, and you encounter an entity that is hostile and does not respond to the usual handlings nor does he show any desire to be helped in any way, you need to look at the intention holding the being in place and you will notice that there is a command of sorts that is doing this. The command has a different feel than a body-in-pawn type of compulsion and the entity does not seem to be attached to any other beings or control systems. You ask if there is a curse holding this being or cluster in place and you will get an antagonistic “YES!”

Now the difficult part begins. You or your client is going to have to confront that a harmful act was committed on someone who could not fight back. The incident usually springs right into view because the entity has been holding on to it for all time. You or the client will have to apologize for the harmful act but there is more that has to be done. The harmful act has to be described in exact detail with nothing withheld. You also have to dig up all of the justifications that were used to allow the action to occur. You will also have to dig up all of the people you hid this act and its consequences from all down the track.

You should make every effort to communicate your regrets and apology to the person you wronged. If they are not in your present life, and they may be, you need to put out a heartfelt message that you are sorry for what you have done and want to make amends.

If you go at this sincerely, you will feel the curse lift as you do this and the disability will lessen and may disappear entirely. If the disability does not lift entirely, look for another entity who is holding the disability in place or another curse.

As I said, I have handled many curses and the key to all of them was uncovering and addressing the destructive action that prompted someone to apply the curse in the first place.

When you start handling your long term destructive acts, you may find that you are able to solve some long term disabilities. Curses are real and you do not need to provoke people into casting them on you.

To see how this fits into Spiritual Rescue Technology, read Part 4 on page: http://spiritual-rescue-technology.com/?p=93

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