The Role of Belief in Spiritual Research

I feel there is no basis for allowing beliefs to affect spiritual research. What we are looking for is certainty and that comes from actually doing things yourself and observing the results.

A good working definition of belief is: confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof.

I feel this a way to generate dogmatic answers and to build a faith based on ideas and opinions instead of facts. It is like knowing what you want to find when you go looking for answers. Unfortunately, our years in the Church of Scientology cause us to believe in certain ideas instead of checking for ourselves.

Spiritual Research Technology was not built on belief and our research into life force is not built on belief either. Yes, we approach each new session with a sense of wonder and we are continually surprised at what we find, but we do not carry beliefs with us that can get shattered by new revelations.

Belief is what you get from reading the works of someone you revere and admire. Certainty is what you get when you duplicate that persons methods and get the same result.

Validation is what you get when you do actual research and then see the same results mentioned in something written by someone else.

What you will also discover is that your results are mentioned as being true in some book or paper, but the paper or book will say lots of things you already know are not true. That is why I say it is better to seek your own answers and then see if anyone else got similar answers.

People have said, “Why don’t you just read all that Ron Hubbard or Siddhartha wrote about life force? That is all you need to know.”

What they don’t realize is that Ron and others wrote a lot of things that were right but they were mixed in with things that were quite wrong. We have discovered that it is actually easier to grind your own coffee instead of trying to use pre-ground coffee with rat droppings in it.

Belief is drinking the coffee that others make for you. Certainty comes from finding out where the beans come from and doing the whole process yourself.

If we are to build a pathway that anyone can follow and get results, I feel we must relegate belief to things like the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus and stick to things that others can use to produce results time after time. There are so many absolutely wild and wonderful things that we can prove and use, why bother with untested beliefs?

If we want to test a belief and follow it down to where it first started, we may come up with a new certainty and then it is no longer a belief. Among these we can include: ghosts, spectral visitations, remote viewing, curses, spirit guides, personal angels, demons, past lives, space opera, implants, life on other planets, alternate time streams, alternate universes, possession by spirits evil and otherwise, the list goes on and on.

For example: If your belief is that there are NO spiritual beings who are affecting your daily life, please read the following document and note your reactions to the questions:

If you are cheerful and smiling all the way through this list with no reactions at all, you have no active spiritual beings in your space and a very special person indeed. On the other hand, if this list bothered or annoyed you in any way, you have the chance to gain a certainty on a whole new area of spiritual adventure.

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