Why the Church of Scientology has no place for real OTs

(Originally published by OldAuditor on January 10, 2010)

Staff and public with any amount of OT ability are a threat to David Miscavige and the current management of the Church of Scientology.

What Miscavige needs are tame OTs who look only at what they are allowed to look at and donate heavily and frequently on cue.

If current processing produced people with higher awareness and greater personal power, we would be seeing the phenomena of OTs completing their OT levels and routing out of the church in disgust. Ooops! Well, there must be a few people getting real gains as that is what is happening after they attest.

To prevent this, church management has to exert control over these OTs such that they doubt their abilities and are willing to inhibit their communications. These unfortunate “obedient OTs” are allowed to buy their way up the Bridge but sacrifice their ability to know truth in the process.

UPDATE: Class XII Auditor Pierre Ethier provides more information about the perversion of NOTS by the RTC and what happens to those who are exposed to it.

The Church of Scientology has created a no-win situation for itself

I have touched on this point before but it needs to be reiterated:

We have a situation in the Church of Scientology today where people are audited into higher states of awareness and then are forced to deny what their abilities reveal.

Ignoring the rampant psychosis in upper management must be an ordeal for any aware being, especially an OT. If an OT allows herself to observe what is occurring, she could be denied further auditing. If she denies what she is seeing, she is invalidating her case state. This is quite factually a campaign to create insanity and soften up beings for future control.

Insanity can be defined as: must reach – can’t reach. When you observe destructive and off-policy actions and con’t allow yourself to communicate about them, you are negating all of the gains you worked so hard to attain!

Ignoring the blatant imposition of off-policy actions requires you to turn a blind eye on everything you learned as a student and requires you to not-know the Keeping Scientology Working policy letter which you read at the beginning of every course you took.

This is so similar to life in Orwell’s “1984″ that it does not bode well for the church. If OTs have no place in the CofS, they will migrate to the field and congregate there. This seems to be happening at an accellerating rate.

What the Church is doing

Under DM’s management, your State of Clear is routinely invalidated unless it is the state blessed by his squirrel “Golden Age of Tech”. Past life Clears are not allowed and you can have your state of Clear “revoked” if you start asking questions.

Furthermore, you will not be allowed to attest to your OT abilities unless you agree to the infallibility of DM and really believe that he is expanding Scientology in spite of the evidence to the contrary. Is that a Catch 22 or not?

If, against all advice, you assert your OTness, you will probably have to jump out of a fourth story window or slide down a ships hawser to leave the church premises under your own control.

Otherwise, you will face interminable Security Checks from an increasingly paranoid organization.

What you can do about this

Recognize that you are as OT as you can cause things and start causing things. Find a safe point and speak out. Flow power to those who are actually working to make things go right. Support constructive OT activity inside and outside the church

Don’t attack staff members personally, they are being continually degraded as it is by those above them. Point out where their actions are off-policy and violate the laws of the land. Be prepared to be completely unreasonable. If it doesn’t seem right to you, it probably isn’t. Apologize, if at all, when this insanity is brought to an end. Keep the door open for them to contact you if they ever need help.

Do not go into agreement with their efforts to have you get more sec checking at your own expense. The only result they will recognize is when you agree that they are completely right and you need to donate more money and sign up for more insanity.

You will find that you are increasingly concerned when you hear about someone sending their spouse to Flag for auditing or training. Have the courtesy to let them know that you are concerned for their welfare. In many cases, you will find that they already have doubts but could not think of an alternative to what exists in the church.

It can a big relief to know that others are successfully going up the Bridge outside the CofS. Educate yourself about what is being delivered by Independent Scientology and spread the word to those who need assurance.

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lunamoth  on January 10th, 2010 Edit comment

I’ve seen many examples of this. It was one of the first big red flags I saw, several years ago, that OT’s had become so damn, well, obedient. It turned my stomach.

In aspiring to the abilities of OT,we all wanted to be “free beings.” It is so sad to see the state of OT reduced to a condition of fear, of constant “toeing the line.”

Many at this point have simply paid through the nose for the privilege of being led around by it

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