Faster, Better Spiritual Rescue Technology in 1000 Words or Less of you who have used Spiritual Rescue Technology have been asking for a streamlined version of SRT that will let you run solo sessions faster and easier. This should help.

Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) rescues spiritual entities from incidents they are stuck in and brings them smoothly to present time where they can create new futures for themselves and work with you as a spiritual teammate if they so desire.

There are thousands of words written to describe the finer details of the SRT philosophy and the process steps to handle almost every kind of trouble an entity can get in to, but these few revised steps will help you handle 90% of the entities you encounter without the use of an e-meter.

1. Orient yourself in the present moment Calm yourself and concentrate on the task to be done. Continue this step until you are ready to care for the beings you are about to rescue.

2. If you have spiritual teammates who are willing and able to help you rescue other beings, let them know they should observe and help you communicate during the session.

3. If your attention is being drawn to a particular location, move into that location and determine whether you are dealing with a single being or a group of beings.

4. Find out whether it is willing to let you help and what kind of help does it want.

5 Do whatever it takes to establish communication with the being(s) and handle all stops on your helping it. You may want to ask if anyone has any questions about what you are going to do. This is where your spiritual teammates will come in handy as they can communicate faster and more efficiently than you can about what SRT can do.

You may find that this communication from you and your spiritual teammates will bring the beings right out of what they were stuck in and right into present time. This is far more common than anyone expects and is what is commonly called “blowing by inspection”. Just the act of spotting and acknowledging the presence of a spiritual entity can bring him right into present time

If this release occurs, do not go further without acknowledging and handling the newly freed beings as described in the final 3 steps of this process, titled: WELCOME NEWLY FREED ENTITIES AND GIVE THEM A GAME


5. When the entities or clusters of entities are willing to be helped, you need enough information so you can know how to help them. Here are some of the questions that have been most useful:

A. How long have you been here? (In this body, in this place, with this person?)
B. Was there some incident that caused you to end up here?
C. (for beings) Do you have a name?
D. Is there an incident you still have attention on?
E. Was there an incident that caused you to lose your body?
F. (for clusters) Was there an incident that caused you to become a cluster?
G. Were you given an implant?

Listen carefully and acknowledge their answers. Let the beings tell you everything they wish to say. DO NOT CUT THEIR COMMUNICATION.

6. After the beings have told you everything they wish to say and you have located the incident that made them into a discarnate being or a cluster, gently ask what they did that might have precipitated the incident that they are stuck in.
Some of the questions that have been most useful are:

J. What were you doing just before the incident occurred?
K. Did you upset some powerful person or group?
M. Did you ignore any warnings about what you were doing?
N. Were you someplace you were not supposed to be?

When you have gotten what they did and they are experiencing some relief, get their justifications for what they did.

7. Asking for justifications produces more relief than almost any other action. These are the questions that have been most useful:

P. How did you justify doing (what they said in #6 above)?
Q. Why was it OK to do that?
R. Were there any other reasons it was necessary to do that?

Keep asking for justifications until the being breaks into laughter and cognites on how he caused the incident to occur. At this point he may be coming to present time and you go to the final three steps of the process.

8. If the beings still have stuck attention on the situation, you can ask if that place or person still exists. In most cases, it disappeared a long time ago and the only person carrying the memories is the being you are helping. You can ask if they are willing to acknowledge that the game has been over for a long time and would they like to play a new and different game? Usually that will unstick them from the memories they have been carrying and they are now ready to come to present time.

9. As beings come into present time, you will experience an emotional release and even a feeling of joy and laughter. Acknowledge the relief and take a moment to enjoy the feeling of freedom that these entities are experiencing.

10. Welcome them to your spiritual team and let your spiritual teammates fill them in on what you are doing and what roles they can play IF THEY WISH. This only takes moments as there is a lot of parallel communication going on between your teammates and the newcomers.

11. Have your spiritual Teammates take them on a tour of places that should interest them and give them a new perspective on life in the 21st Century. These places can include beaches, airports, museums, farmlands and shopping malls where they can experience life as it is being lived today. Let them know they are invited to return when they are ready to participate in the game of freeing other beings.

~David St Lawrence

Go to for a  full description of Spiritual Rescue Technology.

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  1. kcoassttl

    It is possible that, there are entities which are located in two places. Inside my body, creating mass and pain and difficulty for me in present time because of some actions of mine in past lifes, which caused them lots of discomfort and same time are having homosapien body as I do have.

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