Entity takeovers can be triggered by simple external events

The-being-withinA triggering event is merely a change in your environment that initiates a response from one or more of your spiritual entities. It can be someone calling you on the phone, finding out you left your wallet at home, or even walking into your place of work. It triggers a response from a spiritual entity and the response can be of short or long duration.

The people who know you well are probably used to seeing you change personalities when the triggering event occurs and have adapted their behavior to minimize these triggers unless they are making use of them to control you in some way.

Dr B J Fogg of Stanford University describes Triggers: Triggers tell people to “do it now!”

“Without a Trigger, the target behavior will not happen. Sometimes a Trigger can be external, like an alarm sounding. Other times, the Trigger can come from our daily routine: Walking through the kitchen may trigger us to open the fridge.”

“The concept of Trigger has different names: cue, prompt, call to action, request, and so on.”

You can read more about triggers at these links:



These descriptions of triggers assume some psychological mechanisms are responsible for the triggering behavior, but the descriptions of the behavior are absolutely correct. Something happens and the person’s behavior changes.

If you have experienced Spiritual Rescue Technology or seen it being used, you will have a great deal of certainty that a spiritual entity can take over a person and influence his behavior or control it entirely if a triggering event occurs.

About the only time a person is not influenced by an entity is when he is enthusiastically doing something that occupies his full attention. If a person falls away from enthusiasm, one or more entities will be found to be directing his actions and his attention.

I saw a dramatic example of the extent that entities can transform someone’s personality recently and I am sharing this because some of you may be experiencing this yourselves without realizing it. I counsel several clients in multiple locations depending on their schedules and I  had noticed that there were subtle differences in our communication depending where the client was located for the session, but I never made too much of it as long as the session went well.

In this particular instance, a client had always been receiving sessions in his home, but this session was delivered while he was at his desk in his professional office. When we connected on Skype, I almost did not recognize him. His face was stern, his manner was wooden, and he greeted me cordially but not with any of his usual enthusiasm. Now this is someone I have known for years so this “office personality” was a new one for me.

It took a bit of friendly conversation before he loosened up enough to smile. After determining that he had a good day with excellent income, I was able to direct his attention to the fact that he was not his usual smiling self. A few more questions and he was able to see that this emotion was, in fact, HIS USUAL OFFICE PERSONALITY. When I asked where this emotion was coming from, he broke into a smile and pointed to where a cluster of spiritual entities was located.

It took a while to handle the cluster as it had been with him for a very long time but when it was handled and brought into present time, he became the jovial and accomplished professional I have known for years.

Now you need to understand that he has been a successful professional with steadily growing income and a staff of people supporting him and he has managed to do this in spite of being a cautious  and somewhat anxious manager who has had continuing difficulties understanding clients and his staff.

Once the cluster was totally handled, his entire outlook changed and his office personality disappeared and he became his regular congenial self. I look forward to hearing of his progress now that he has freed himself from a troubling set of entities seeking to protect him from making mistakes.

In this example, his walking into his office was enough to trigger the takeover by a cluster of entities and the takeover lasted until he left the office at the end of the day.

Do you have times when your behavior changes and you are not you usual happy and confident self?
If so, see if you can spot who is affecting your behavior and handle him with SRT. It might just change your life.

2 thoughts on “Entity takeovers can be triggered by simple external events

  1. Ben Roets

    I own a bed and breakfast establishment. For a number of years I have had enteties giving me a very hard time,eg .Person in bed dying ,helpless,pain , overwhelm etc, Lucky me 1000 k away full duplicatation, If I can identitfy the terminal.it blows .AT this point I hadent found your site so I was up to my arse in crocks. My saving consideratation was I had to know the terminal. Then a woman lost the game of surviving in life and decided to end it all .Lucky me I can now sit and for no reason burst in to tears and contemplate shooting myself.. And to make life interesting I cant locate the terminal. look everywhere .NO luck by now I cant see myself making Christmas So she takes her service revolver and shoots herself on the pavment outside her house .For me the scarey part is I had only seen this woman once in my life and I could have fallen over her and not reconised her.Please remember I pick up all this with full duplicatation. So on inspection it blows.. This kind of thing happens every couple of months but normaley not as bad as that one. So my cause level kicks in and I decide to find out how to handle this .. I get onto the net to find a E meter. But I find your site .And all the work has been done , I can show all my family Im not a nutter or at least Im part of a group of nutters RELIEF .3 oclock in the morning sleeping the sleep of the innocent , Startle awake, thought in head Im dead pain in stomach, want to vomit, eyes out of focus legs and arms uncoordinated Not sure if I am going to die, Feeling a touch concerned at this point. Don’t wake my wife , SO I get through night but still cant get out of bed, Realise Im fully exterior.and it fells that my bodie has been taken over by someone else. Now Im feeling more than a touch of concern. In fact I am making a re-aquaintence with fear, The manager phones me at 8 oclock with the news that 2 of our tenants were killed the night before in an accident, .The wife died on the scene and the husband died at 3 oclock in the morning . And I have never met the guy’. To say the least it has been somewhat disconcerting.Took 5 days to get my body back and under some control . I am still exterior and unstable on my feet . but I am slowly Winning back.The question is If you want an interesting life do you have a better option than to become a scientologist? With out the training I have had It would have been one flew over thecooko nest time GLAD I FOUND your site. Sorry IT so badly written and the spelling ,but I am a luddite as far as computers go

  2. David St Lawrence Post author

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the accounts of life with upset entities! With a little reading, you can handle these spiritual beings and get them to work with you instead of against you.

    This site is like an auditors’s notebook where I jot down scraps from my research on Spiritual Rescue Technology which is fully documented on http://spiritual-rescue-technology.com/

    I have also created a forum where those of you who would like to report on your experiences with SRT can swap notes and get your questions answered. You will need to register to access all of the information but the public link is:

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