With the voice of one and the awareness of many

Personal_DevelopmentThis is the beginning of a series of advanced topics resulting from the application of SRT to one’s life.I need to give you this preamble because this is just one of several instances of accelerated spiritual development that have popped up in the past month. This is not just the masterful application of SRT to self and others, it is the transformation that occurs when you begin to realize what your entities are capable of.

I have personally experienced this for some months now and a few others have mentioned a radical increase in their spiritual potential, but for some interesting reason more and more of you are experiencing this transformation and I wanted to let you know that you are not alone.

Sefrina has captured the essence of what I have been experiencing and I am using her phrase With the voice of one and the awareness of many as the defining characteristic of this transformation. Here is her story:

Thank you so much for today!

There really are quite a number of beings paying attention to what I do. It has been somewhat of a problem for me to see what is coming directly from me and what might be contributed by other beings. I have not been, and I’m is still not prepared to assign all that I do and see and conclude to external sources. But at the same time I can not pretend that I do not perceive and that I very well might be picking things up from other sources than just myself.

As you told me to acknowledge all of the beings that are around me it became very obvious that they where indeed there.

And so I’ve been paying attention to their presence today as I’ve been writing. I’m starting to understand the relationship I have with these beings and the enormous power that their presence is.

We are actually working together in several ways, one of them is that as I am reading or looking at something I will usually assume the viewpoint that I already know and so I just write whatever I see to be the truth. This is what I see – but this seeingness (if that even is a word) is done instantly with many other beings present. We work like a choir. I listen and I see with a multitude of awarenesses. They are knowing, being and confirming or rejecting what I write or the conclusions that I make on an instantaneous level.

This is who I am and most of the time we are so in sync that we act like one.

Thank you for helping me to increase my awareness of them. I see them more clearly now.

Knowing that they are there makes me feel more relaxed and I will allow for much more direct contribution from anyone that wants to get heard. I will listen.

Thank you from all of us! :)


This topic and further amplifications of what it can lead to are discussed at http://independent-spiritual-technology.com/discussion/index.php?board=96.0Personal_Development

3 thoughts on “With the voice of one and the awareness of many

  1. Stephen Bennington

    I cannot disagree with what Sefrina says. Having this viewpoint can change one’s life.

    Something that I am curious about is do BTs, Entities or whatever, stay with one thoughtout successive lives or are they soley connected to the body in one lifetime ie. ‘Body Thetan’.

    Perhaps some readers have ideas on this ? Maybe I have missed a relevant post that I should read.

  2. David St Lawrence Post author


    This blog is for “teaser” posts where I post the highlights of the heavy research we are doing on an ongoing basis. The real details are described on http://spiritual-rescue-technology.com/ and on http://independent-spiritual-technology.com/discussion/index.php?board=47.0

    To answer your question, entities, which are no different than BTs, join you through various mechanisms and stay with you forever. When you drop your body, you take all of your entities, and what you know as a GE with you and they are still with you when you pick up your next body.

    One of the first questions we ask an entity when it is contacted is how long has it been with our client (preclear). Usually the beings were picked up during a significant incident and have been with the person ever since, usually trying to help in some way.

    Their version of help is not what you think as they are trying to get the person to avoid situations that trigger the entity’s engrams. If the entity has an engram connected with opposing authority, the person will avoid dealing with authority and tend to be subservient or irrational when forced to do so.

    This show up in many ways. If the entity has an engram connected with the opposite sex, the person will avoid dealing with the opposite sex and tend to be subservient or irrational when forced to do so.

    Entities are not the enemy, contrary to what Hubbard believed, and are a valuable resource when rescued from the incidents they are usually stuck in.

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