An Online Information Retrieval system for every Independent Scientologist 4/21/13 to include mention of a superior search engine and links to the upgraded augmented library which is currently posted online under the title of: Directory Listing of /Scientology Materials/

History of the Directory Listing of /Scientology Materials/

Have you ever spent hours looking up an obscure LRH quote or technical reference only to retire frustrated and unsatisfied? To solve this problem, I originally created an information retrieval system using standard software and a library of Freezone materials.

The Church of Scientology had created a Source Information Retrieval system (SIR) but it was not available to students or public. I felt we could do a better job with off the shelf software and publicly available documents.

The original Freezone Library of LRH materials as provided by Maxim Lebedev on his website, included 4.24 Gb of data and contained almost everything originated by LRH plus lots of material originated by others working with him and who documented the early history of Dianetics and Scientology. I used DocFetcher, a free document search utliity to access the data in this library.

Some months later, I upgraded the library with more LRH material and additional references from Ron’s Org, Alan Walter, L. Kin, Ken Ogger, and others. I called this an Augmented Information Retrieval Information system because it has almost twice the information of the original library. There is material in this library that would equip you to answer almost any technical, policy, or historical question. The biggest problem with this library was that it was compiled from multiple sources and had duplicate files and duplicate directories.

A volunteer known calling himself King Arthur took on the project of eliminating duplicate entries and putting the material into meaningful directories and posted the whole library on line at this link:

The Directory Listing of /Scientology Materials/ site has been set up to give EVERYONE access to L Ron Hubbard’s work and the works of others who contributed to the technology..

There are over 5GB of data within this directory, and to make it easier to download you will find one of the best Website ripping programs out there in this folder. It is called Httrack (ver. 3.43-9C is in this folder).

Please download it, install it, and then use it to copy this directory to your hard drive. Make sure that the folder to be copied is:

Please read README FIRST/ before you do anything else.

Agent Ransack – an improved File Searching Utility

Agent Ransack allows you to search the contents of files on your computer. — You can think of it as Google for your local files. You do not have to create an index first so it can take minutes to find all of the results, but the results are easier to use than the results from DocFetcher.

You can download Agent Ransack from:

How Does it Work?

Let’s say all you can recall is the word “Rocket Read” or “granting beingness” or “entities” and you need to find the references which use those words. You can search your Directory of /Scientology Materials with Agent Ransack and use a Boolean search to pull up all references in a few minutes. You can also use it to search hard drives where you have stored your collections of downloaded technical references.

Here are some Agent Ransack/FileLocator Lite – Screenshots

Search results, showing the contents view docked below the file list view:

Search results

Print preview allows you to check your results before printing:

Print preview

Regular expression wizard helps you build regular expressions for complex pattern matching searches:

Regular expression wizard

Search by modified, created, or last accessed date:

Search by various dates

Export your results to a file for importing into other apps or for sharing with others:

Export results

Various options to control searching:


History of SIR

The COS has a Source Information Retrieval system (SIR) which is restricted to certain staff members and is not available for general use.  For the full story of the early days of INCOMM and SIR, read

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