Are you paying attention to the spirits in your environment?

Most of you who have been my students for awhile realize that you are a spirit surrounded by spirits.

You are also running a body that is chock full of countless spirits, each of which is being responsible for a limb, organ, cell, mitochondria, parasite, virus, cancer cell, or something else. The body also has spirits who are caring for the body or are hiding out in your body where they will not be found.

This seems like a lot of spirits to contend with or manage, especially if these spirits are opposing you in any way. Fortunately most of you have accumulated helpful spirits who guide you through difficulties and augment your abilities if you acknowledge them and use them wisely.

Studying SRT and doing frequent solo sessions will keep you in communication with your helpful spirits and will enable you to work with them to achieve most of your objectives.

I would like to bring your attention to other categories of spirits who may have unexpected effects on your happiness, livelihood and career success. I first want to mention animal spirits, like those of your dogs and cats and other pets like horses and fish. If you do not recognize them as spiritual beings, you will make life far more difficult for them and for yourself.

If you raise animals for food or for breeding, the same applies. Communicating with them will make it possible for you to know when they are doing well or not doing well.

Those of you who raise decorative plants, probably know how admiration and other forms of communication materially assist plant health and favorable growth.

Those who raise plants for food, whether in a home garden or on a farm, should communicate with the spirits inhabiting these food crops in order to insure healthy plants and abundant crops. Such communication will warn you of insect attacks or diseases even if you do not do daily physical inspections. If you do not think of plants or crops as living spirits, you can use all of the physical universe tools you can think of like fertilizer, bug spray, mulches and weeding and totally miss what the plant spirits need and want from you.

Plants and animals that are raised in spiritually healthy environments bring spiritual well-being as well as nourishment to the people and animals who eat them. You may not have realized that spirits accompany plant and animal tissue even after the overall body has been cut down or slaughtered. As long as the plant and animal tissue are still alive, there are spirits accompanying the tissue.

When you eat plants or animal flesh, you are consuming them as food and you are accumulating their spirits as part of your spiritual surroundings. Animals raised in degraded surroundings and slaughtered in brutal and hateful ways bring upset spirits with them to your dinner table. Those who are spiritually sensitive will find that some restaurant food is practically inedible for that reason regardless of the spices that are used to appeal to the palate.

When plants and animals are treated with respect while being raised and when killed for food, eating them will benefit the eater. As long as you decide to consume plants and animals, it is good idea to insure that they will benefit your health. Pay attention to the spirits of the plants and animals you raise.

Also pay attention to the spiritual state of the foods that you purchase in a store or in a restaurant. It can make a huge difference in your continued well being.

We will be discussing this in a future webinar if there is sufficient interest.

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David St Lawrence

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