Auditing over Skype – a quick tutorial

Auditing over Skype has been accomplished in several different ways for several years.

There is a thread on SCIENTOLiPEDIA concerning Skype auditing. I started a discussion of how it is and has been done for those who are interested. Since then, I have joined Free Scientology on Facebook where there is serious discussion of this technology by auditors who actually use it.

Auditing over Skype – a quick tutorial

There are at least four ways I have seen remote auditing done over Skype ( #1 and #2 have been done by telephone also):

1. Unmetered auditing with the auditor and pc in good comm so that the pc is comfortably in session. This type of auditing works very well for Book One sessions and Self Analysis sessions and can be used in a pinch for emergency assists. I have also used this on occasion for OT assists, but it requires that the the auditor and pc see each others pictures and thoughts and the pictures and actions of all entities involved.

2. Metered auditing where the auditor monitors the session using his own meter and looks at the reads he is generating as the session progresses. The auditor and pc share a common theta space and e-meters on each would give the same reads. I have done this successfully and there are several practitioners who use this method exclusively. This is highly dependent on the level of trust and communication between pc and auditor. When the pc becomes introverted and goes out of comm with the auditor it is difficult to perceive what is going on.

3. The pc holds the cans while the auto centering meter faces the Skype camera. The auditor sees both the pcs face and the meter on his screen. There is a thorough discussion of this with images on Maxim Lebedev’s website. This method is very similar to regular auditing except that the pc and his meter are in one location and the auditor is in another. The auditor’s ability to grant beingness to the pc is crucial to the success of this or any other remote auditing method.

4. The pc holds the cans and is using a Virtual Clarity Meter or a Theta Meter which is plugged into his pc. The auditor sees the meter and the pc and can adjust the meter as required. This is the method I have used for several years. The graphical interface presents a 30 second history of all reads and makes it almost impossible to miss reads even in the presence of Internet time delays. I have written several articles describing this technology on and

The meter sensitivity and read history make auditing almost effortless. Even so, I cannot imagine someone auditing NOTS confidently without being able to see what the preOT is thinking and looking at.


In all cases, the auditor has to have superlative TRs and be able to grant beingness to all that is encountered. I want to emphasize that the auditor and pc must feel they are sharing the same theta space for superlative auditing to occur. When the pc trusts the auditor, he can truly be in session whether they are in the same room of around the planet from each other.

Almost any competent auditor can read his pc’s thoughts and LRH says that somewhere, but remote auditing places a premium on that ability because of the physical separation. I would say that remote auditing requires OT abilities in addition to excellent auditing skills. The auditor must be able to detect when a pc’s attention is distracted or when he begins going out of session and should be able to handle this instantly with communication alone.

At this point in time, only the most skilled auditors seem to be able to accomplish this. As time goes on, someone will develop training drills so any willing auditor can be trained to audit remotely.

As I recall, LRH audited over the telephone on certain circumstances. The advance of technology now allows others to do that also. The technology still has a long way to go but the pcs who are receiving auditing over the Internet find that being a pioneer has definite rewards.

4 thoughts on “Auditing over Skype – a quick tutorial

  1. Ron Bible

    I have had skype auditing by David and it is so good he is in my space when he audits me. I am certain that internet auditing is the way of the future. Less expensive, more PC’s; less gas, unless you eat a lot of beans, sorry just had to. I am in total agreement that the auditor should be able to see your and your entities pictures, if not oh me oh my. But is that not true for auditing in the same room? For me it was, I am SHSBC CLVI, and always got results when I was in com with PC. I’ll quit, internet auditin works.

  2. Scott Gordon - WATCHFUL NAVIGATOR

    This is a very good outline of distance auditing.

    I just wanted to add that I have succeeded at running repetitive processing – Introductory and even all of the Grades – in distance auditing.

    Not for complete beginners to the subject, It does require the auditor be sensitive to the indicators of the person to establish and validate that a process is complete. It also helps that the recipient have enough training and knowledge to be able to help the auditor work out a correction, if needed, and to keep life situations handled so that they are out of the way (called “rudiments”). So this is ideal for a co-audit team.

    Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need a meter to succeed with repetitive processing, You clear the command and consult with the person for interest. If in doubt, run it.

    I am developing Grades line-ups that arrange processes in optimum order (gradient) for this, and will be sharing these freely as I do so.

  3. FreeEarthHuman

    Blessings everyone,

    I’ve been reading the book Dianetics and studying Scientology for a bit now, and am quite interested in auditing. I want to experience this for myself and let the results be my proof. One thing for sure, I do not wish to get involved with the CoS. I’m having trouble finding an independent auditor in my area and think that Skype auditing would be a great way to start. Any suggestions on whom to contact or additional resources? Thanks!

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