Changing Your Personality – Part 1

Changing your personality – there is a way you may not have tried yet.

Your personality is the way you respond to or create your life. It used to be thought that personality could not change, but more recent studies show that this is not the case and there are hundreds of methods used to bring about desirable changes.

If you do an Internet search for changing your personality, you will find many suggestions from many groups on how to accomplish this. Most seem to involve daily rituals and prayers and some involve retreats and some kind of support group. Some solutions require institutionalization or imprisonment.

Personality change discussions encompass everything from becoming more popular to handling borderline personality disorder and overcoming addiction and criminal behavior.

The money spent in these areas by the government and private organizations seems to be in the trillions of dollars and I am sure there have been some positive results as there seem to be more solutions being offered every time I check.

Those of you who are receiving Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) processing experience changes to your personality with every session. Some of the changes are so subtle that you may not even consider them personality changes, but those of us who deliver these sessions see permanent changes after every session.

Those of us who are able to do solo SRT sessions, notice that behavioral and cognitive changes occur with every session even though the changes may be so subtle that their effects are not always noticeable at first.

The basic reason that personality changes take so much effort, even with SRT processing is that your personality is being created on the fly by you AND your spiritual companions. Your personality at any moment is the aggregate of the personalities being exhibited by your active spiritual companions.

You can calm yourself down by meditation or by sheer force of will and many people do this to stay in control of their behavior. However, this does not handle the underlying cause for undesirable personality manifestations because this does not deal with the troubled spirits who influence your behavior every minute of the day.

The only permanent solutions are spiritual solutions and one of the best of these is Spiritual Rescue Technology which identifies and handles troubled spirits rapidly and at minimal cost.

In the next part, we will cover just how SRT changes personality and how you can selectively change a personality to achieve specific results. Changing Your Personality Part 2 should be available in a few days.

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