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Choose your services and auditors carefully

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(Originally posted by OldAuditor on September 10, 2011 )

Regaining abilities is not an easy ride and the path is not taped out for us.

Contrary to what many have been taught, the progression from apathetic existence to personal spiritual freedom does not occur as a clearly defined series of well-identified steps.

Efforts to cram preclears into the Church of Scientology sausage machine and turn the crank until they emerge at the other end as Operating Thetans has proven to spectacularly unsuccessful. Suicides and broken lives are far more common than happy people who are capable of helping themselves and others to achieve wanted goals.

Those auditors in the field who actually listen to their preclears and deliver services which resolve what the preclears want handled have a much better success rate than the services currently delivered by the Church of Scientology.

The services provided are not necessarily different. The important things is that the services delivered in the field are what the preclear wants. That is when the preclear is truly in session.

If you are not getting satisfaction from your auditing and are not getting the gains you expect, you need to communicate to your auditor. Some cannot read your mind and need to know what you are thinking. Auditors are there to help and most do the very best they can to see that you get spectacular gains.

If you are sitting on unspoken thoughts, you are no longer in session and will get no gains from the time you spend in the chair. If things aren’t going well talk to your auditor. This is not the Church of Scientology where unkind thoughts are forbidden. If you have unkind thoughts about your auditor or about auditing share them with someone and get the problem handled. If your auditor does not handle your problem, then you need to find an auditor who will handle it completely.

Sometimes the problem is not in what your auditor did or is doing. You may have skipped some vital action in your past training or auditing that is preventing you from progressing and is causing you to doubt your sanity and is damaging your confidence. This can be something that is very hard to spot until you find an auditor who has handled that exact problem in the past. Don’t give up until you get answers that make sense to you.

If you find yourself in trouble, the first step is to find an auditor that you can communicate with and who makes you feel safe in session. The next step is to share everything you did not get in your auditing or training. If you have told all and have found the right auditor, you will be on your way to regaining the abilities you lost or achieving those which you should have gotten.


What is Independent Scientology auditing like?

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(Originally posted by OldAuditor on November 26, 2010)

People ask me what Independent Scientology auditing is like? Is it Standard Tech? Is it delivered by qualified auditors? How does it compare to church auditing?

The simplest answer I can give them is that it is like what used to be delivered in the CofS a very long time ago.

It is auditing delivered to benefit the preclear and give him abilities beyond his fondest expectations. It has nothing in common with the invalidation of case that occurs daily in the Church of Miscavige.

It is recognizing when a floating needle occurs. It is recognizing when a process is complete and when preclear has gone Clear. It is a matter of letting the preclear attest to states he has achieved and then handling the next thing he wants handled.

The auditing is first and foremost for the PRECLEAR and this increases his willingness to play the game of life.

It’s not hard to do actually. One merely follows the Auditor’s Code and uses whatever aspects of Standard Tech apply to this particular preclear at this point in his auditing.

LRH and those who did research with him in the early years uncovered a wealth of processes which did not all make it on to the Grade Chart. Some of those processes are just what a particular PC may need, especially those who have been mishandled by the church of Miscavige.

Those early years were also characterized by a compassion for preclears and for the auditors who did their best to help those they audited.

My own experiences showed me that the technical staff really cared about my welfare and if mistakes were made, they were swiftly corrected. I learned that these caring people really listened to what I said and duplicated my concerns.

They also had an unflinching ability to get to the heart of any out-ethics situation and could help me set it right without making me wrong. They set an example of how one could deal with life’s problems using the ethics conditions and the ARC and KRC triangles.

When these people were declared to be Suppressives after all the good they had done for me, it shook my stable data and Scientology never seemed to be as safe afterward. Now that it has become the church of Miscavige, it is no longer safe for anyone.

It took years of observing the robotic misapplication of policy by Sea Org people before I began to wake up to the fact that the church had become a suppressive environment for staff and public.

In the CofS today, you are clear only as long as David Miscavige decides you are. You are forced to redo processes and entire grades because some untrained Sea Org member decides that you need to contribute more money to Int Management. If you are a past life clear, you are in deep trouble as David Miscavige has decreed that there are no such states. If you dare to query any of these things you will be hit with many hours of security checking until you become an obedient church member again.

As a result, I am seeing more inquiries every month from people whose cases have been roughed up by the Church of Miscavige. In their very first sessions, new preclears feel a resurgence of their confidence as the abuse and invalidation from the church is run out.

When they realize that our programs are tailor made to address those things they have always wanted to handle in the order they want to handle them, they regain the excitement they had when they first heard of Scientology.

It doesn’t take huge buildings or uniformed staff to free people from the traps of the past. It takes caring auditors who understand the expectations of their preclears and do whatever it takes to see that those expectations are met.

Sometimes the preclear will have to be brought up through the conditions and be word cleared to the point where he can benefit from auditing. Setting that preclear’s expectations can be a challenge, but given enough time, anything can be acomplished.

In an independent practice, standard technology is used for the benefit of the preclear and is free of the arbitraries that have been imposed by the Church of Miscavige. As a result, preclears of independent Scientology auditors are winning every day.


Seventeen Reasons to Get Auditing From an Independent Auditor

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If you have been a member of the Church of Miscavige, you have probably been subjected to a perverted version of Scientology technology for many years.

Why not find out what can be done with an ethical independent auditor? Here are some reasons you should consider getting services from an independent auditor:

– Your independent auditor follows the Auditors Code.

– Your independent auditor’s first question is: “What do you want to handle?”

– Your independent auditor is willing to address what you want handled no matter what it is.

– Your independent auditor is happy to help you gain certainty on attesting to the state of clear. You will find that validation of this state is far simpler than the church would have you believe.

– You get to choose the independent auditor who duplicates you best. You want an auditor you can trust.  Auditor skill and presence have a part in this but there is a matter of personal chemistry and this can make all the difference in the world for a PC. You get to choose.

– Your first reg cycle consists of: “How many hours do you wish to purchase? Good! Send me the money when you are ready to get started.”

– Follow-on reg cycles consist of: “You are getting low on hours. Would you like more auditing when this runs out?”

– Your independent auditor will do whatever it takes to reconstruct your auditing history and to give you certainty on what you have achieved through auditing. Lack of old folders is no barrier.

– An hour of independent auditing generally costs less than a night on the town and the benefits are permanent.

– An independent auditor makes every effort to accommodate your schedule. Some will come to you and deliver services. Some deliver services over secure Internet connections. You are free to choose the practitioner and delivery method that suits your needs.

– Your independent auditor should have goals that are aligned with your own. You should get that point cleared up in the very first interview.

– If you get a follow-up call from your auditor, it is probably because he is checking on your progress and to see that your gains are stable.

– If you contact an independent auditor and he feels that someone else could provide you with better service because of your situation or your location, he will probably refer you to that other auditor.

– An independent auditor delivers sessions with a great deal of ARC. He is there for the pc and is not caught up in a stat push for high hours. Nor is he an inquisitor gathering confidential data for future org blackmail.

– Your independent auditor recognizes that you wish to receive auditing that addresses what you have attention on. He spends as little time on rudiments (ARC breaks, present time problems, and missed withholds) as possible. He does not do the “I am Not Auditing You” security checks at all but instead  will repair the effects of that barbarous practice with appropriate correction lists.

– Your independent auditor recognizes when a process has reached End Phenomena and knows that the meter action is only one of the four indicators. He indicates F/Ns when they occur and is not fixated on the meter waiting for it to do the infamous Miscavige Three Swing F/N.

– Your independent auditor knows that you have a life to live and a career to manage. When something comes up that requires your immediate attention, he expects you to take time to handle the situation properly and then he will resume delivering auditing to you.

If  there are reasons I have missed, feel free to add your contributions to the list.




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When you experience “magic”, it usually the operation of a technology that is not fully understood. When you encounter such technology, things will happen that appear to be “miracles” because you are experiencing results that cannot be explained on the basis of what you already know to be true.

If the results are desirable, like a major improvement in your health or state of mind, you can experience a complete resurgence in your willingness to experience life in all of its aspects.

This truly feels like a miracle and you will probably be crushed when it appears to be short-lived.

Don’t be crushed. This is not a matter of faith or proper reverence. The “miracle” you experienced was merely a benefit of an advanced technology and you need to learn how this technology works and how to get more for yourself.

You have two choices:

Accept what happened as a personal miracle and become the effect of any changes that occur including disappearance of the “miracle”. This choice will put you permanently at effect of outside forces and influences.

Or, recognize the possibility that an advanced technology is involved and resolve to learn all that you can about its uses and risks. This course of action will put you at cause over your future.

When you are exposed to a technology that far exceeds anything you have ever experienced before, several things can happen.

You can be overcome with delight as this opens doors to possibilities that you could only dream of before. Following that, you can be crushed with disappointment and bitterness because the “miracle” didn’t last.

If you are aware that miracles are the result of applying senior technology of some sort, you will start looking for the explanation and limitations of what has occurred and will be able to recreate the miracle at will.

You can apply this to your auditing results:

You have been given a session of some sort and you come out of session with a new appreciation of life. You may have achieved a new state of awareness and your control of your relationships and of your surroundings has increased by several orders of magnitude. People start liking you and customers want to do business with you. You feel a sense of power and increased responsibility and your body may start feeling younger and more energetic.

Life is good and you are fearless and free for hours, days, weeks, even months, until it all stops and you actually feel worse than before. You now feel hopeless and betrayed and the little voices in your head are saying, “You should have known better” and “What a waste of time and money”.

If you are a believer in “miracles” your faith is probably shattered and you can spend months getting over your disappointment.

If you recognize that technologies have limits, you get in comm with your auditor and tell him you fell on your head and want it handled immediately. He will get you in session and you will invariably discover that your big win occurred because you handled a huge chunk of the forces that were holding you back…and this action cleared the way for more malignant forces to emerge from the unconscious darkness.

Once you gain an understanding of the immense magnitude of the spiritual forces that exist and can affect you, you become much more businesslike in handling your spiritual welfare. You perceive and handle what you can and then are prepared for the next wave that appears. You begin to understand that your gains are real but they must be maintained against forces that would have you compromise your integrity or invalidate your knowingness.

Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom in the spiritual realm as well as in the physical universe. You must learn to recognize and handle threats to your spiritual survival as well as threats to your physical survival.

Learn as much as you can about the technologies that make your spiritual life better and create your own miracles



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  1. Axiom

    That is a great summation of not only independent auditing but what to expect as you move up into handling things of a spiritual nature. I know because I am on that ride right now. It is so smooth and rewarding, it is unbelievable.

    I started this journey in a state of terror. But my independent auditor is carefully walking me through the booby traps and land mines as we travel.
    I am not sure if my terror was based on the material that I thought I was going to have to handle or the fact the I was total effect of the whole cycle on the inside of the Church of Miscavage.

    I did a lot of research before choosing David St Lawrence as my auditor. We mesh perfectly and auditing is fun once again. I remember it was like that in the church a long time ago. But that is no longer true.

    I wish all who have had the guts and integrity to look behind the curtain, the utmost of success in the independent field. I can tell you that once you get fully disconnected from the Cof$ and let loose out here, you are going to have a BLAST!

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