Coming up with a longer term game plan about your spiritual capabilities and your relationship to the spiritual beings surrounding you may seem like a fanciful and not entirely useful pursuit but it has a direct impact on your present and future happiness.

To put it bluntly, I can either work with you now while you have a body to work with, or I can wait until you have to leave the body permanently and talk to you then when you have fewer options.

I spend time every day talking to people who no longer have bodies and my purpose in doing so is to get them creating a new life for themselves either as spirits or with a new body.

I am introduced to these discarnate beings by the people they are “haunting”. A client will call me about his bad dreams or lack of ambition or feelings of hopelessness and these will invariably be caused by some being who is hanging around the client and is dramatizing his final moments of life in a body.

I talk to the being and he may not even realize he is a ghost. I help him deal with the circumstances of his death and with the decisions he made when that happened and prepare him for whatever life he now wants to create.

Some spiritual beings just want to chill out on a quiet beach and watch pelicans soaring on the wind. Others want to explore all the places they never got to see when they were “alive”. Many want to get back in the game of life and want to pick up a new body and be somebody again.

If they have handled all of the fixed ideas and compulsions that caused them to crash and burn in the first place, their next life can be a breeze. SRT processing help a being gain the ability to communicate freely with other beings and to be able to look at any situation or person and know what is happening and will probably happen.

SRT processing works on a being in a body or out of a body and much can be done in solo sessions as well as in counselor delivered sessions.

You can gain the ability to handle and work with the spiritual beings who surround you at all times and to harness their abilities to expand your options for leading the life you choose. There are infinite possibilities open to those who use their spiritual connections.

David St Lawrence

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