headache-rev-dreamstime_xs_19930388OUT INT  is the short name for the restimulation that occurs after a person goes exterior.

This restimulated condition can last for many months and it has to be handled for the person to get any auditing. In the church this repair action requires a highly trained auditor like a Grad V or higher and it takes weeks to complete and it can reoccur again and again.

Using SRT and a few simple references, this condition can be handled permanently in one or two sessions.

Exteriorization and Interiorization

Exteriorization is defined as the act of moving out of the body with or with-out full perception.
It is the fact of this act which proves that the individual is not a body but an individual. This discovery in 1952 proved beyond any question the existence of a thetan, that the individual was a thetan, not a body, and disproved that Man was an animal, and proved that he was a spiritual being, timeless and deathless

Unfortunately, the act of exteriorizing can eventually key in the engram of being put in, forced in, held in , whatever, and this leaves the person with head aches and strange massy feelings and his Tone Arm reading on the emeter will be very high because of the engrams that are in restimulations.

This restimulated condition can last for many months and it has to be handled for the person to get any auditing. In the church it often has to be done over and over again. Here is a church reference which will give you some idea of the complexities involved:
End of Endless Int Rundown – http://tinyurl.com/pbznjr9

How you can handle Out Int with SRT

The church does not seem to recognize this but entities have engrams which they dramatize and some of their engrams have to do with being put in things or held in things, etc. So, they have the same kind of engrams you do and these engrams are activated in the same way yours are. Thus, your entities can be in restimulation and you will think you have Out Int with all of the symptoms.

Let us say you have an incredible win in your early auditing and you are blown out of your mind to the point where you can see visions and read minds and travel on the astral plane and whatever else you choose. When you do this, most of your entities are exterior too.

So there you are having the greatest time of your life and something happens like receiving an overdraft notice from your bank or you get stopped for speeding, or something which crashes your incredible win. This threat can slam you back into your head and will restimulate all of your entities too so they slam back in and hold on tight to stay safe. You can get all sorts of strange pressures and pains when this happens and you are sure you have lost your gains.

You can call me of course, but if you are an auditor you can use this handy set of commands for SRT Out Int Handling and do it solo:


Give the client a Reality factor that you will be checking for charge on his entities as well as on himself.

Read the following list checking for a response on each item. You do not need an e-meter. The client and the spiritual entities will give you a response if there is charge on the item.













If there is a reaction, ask if it is from the client or from a spiritual being.

Ask the being if it alright to help it and handle any objection before going further.

Check the flows (being done to self, doing it to others, observing others doing it to others, and doing it to self)

For example: Being put in, putting others in, observing others putting others in, putting yourself in.

Once the being responds, let them tell you about it until the charge blows. If the charge still does not blow, run SRT processing on the incident until you get what was done and the justification for doing it.

Session reports on handling Out Int with SRT

I have been handling clients with out int for several years using early versions of SRT. It is really a matter of realizing that entities can be the source of the restimulation and handling them standardly once you spot them. I have generally used a standard list of Int buttons like those on the previous reference  and then when I got a response, I would check the flows on whatever read. The sessions go VERY FAST with great relief for clients and their entities. You have to realize that most of the Int handling done in the church was actually messing up entities and then invalidating them by ignoring them. How do we know that? The entities tell us in session after session!

Here is a recent Out Int handling:

Client indicates that he had a huge win recently and now feels like he has Out Int.

I gave him a Reality factor that we would be checking Out Int on his entities as well as on himself. His entities got very excited at the prospect.

I checked Go in – no read, Put in – no read, Interiorized into something – huge reaction

Client spotted a being who had been squashed into a spaceship

I started checking the flows (being done to self, doing it to others, observing others doing it to others, and doing it to self) and the client started laughing uncontrollably with some severe pains coming off his body

We obtained a huge release a few minutes of work.

Client discussed his win for several minutes and said he would like to get the rest if possible.

I checked Want To Go In, Can’t Get In, Kicked Out of Spaces, Can’t Go in  all with no reads. When I checked being trapped, there was a very small read but the client said he felt there was something there.

A little investigation on his part and he spotted that a being had an overt which resulted in his being trapped and a lot of charge blew and the being left.

The client commented on how much easier it was getting and and how fast the process was. He had a string of realizations about his church auditing and we ended off on the Int handling.

I included this example to show you how fast this can be and to emphasize that you will probably not get a chance to read all of the command before the entities start cogniting and getting unstuck from their engrams. None of these entities showed any interest in staying around once they were unstuck from their engrams.

I feel they wanted to get out and stay out.  🙂

This writeup will be added to the SRT description at http://spiritual-rescue-technology.com/


  1. Paul Grimshaw

    I quite sure that I have been out-int, part of the worst tangle C/S 60, plus more since 1989. Very bad case condition.

  2. Charles Stewart

    In this article you referenced an out int handling for entities but the link is broken. Is this available elsewhere? I am a trained auditor.

  3. David St Lawrence Post author

    Charles, The article has been fixed and the missing information has been inserted in the article..

  4. Roland Aldridge

    In NOTs the button “Stuck On” is also used, since entities can be stuck onto something as well as stuck in it.

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