Handling your “OT case” – revised and upgraded

(This was originally posted by OldAuditor on June 10, 2011. It is being reposted because some people still have difficulty grasping its significance.)

hauntedcloset-imagesHandling your OT case

First of all, you should realize that everyone has an “OT case”,  and some can contact it easily even though they have done few services in the Church of Scientology.

What the church calls your “OT case” is actually upset spiritual beings  who surround you and essentially run you until you achieve the ability to deal with them and bring them into present time.  These are actually the spirit guides and personal angels who have been discussed at length for many years in Spiritualist Churches all over the world, except this “OT Case  Phenomena is what happens when spiritual beings are mishandled in the church of Scientology.

In the Church of Scientology, you can get rid of upset spiritual beings (your OT case) for several hundred thousand dollars. In a Spiritualist church, you learn to communicate and work with your spirit guides for little or no money.

In Scientology, the way to deal with your OT case was to spend incredible amounts of money “exorcising” your body thetans. This route has not produced many good results in the last few years because the technology devised by the current management of the church is quite flawed. One is more likely to get cancer or commit suicide than to achieve the results that were easily attained in the 1970′s. Our studies have shown that the actions performed during  the Scientology NOTs auditing were more likely to upset your spiritual beings than to help them or to get rid of them.

Performing so-called “security checking” and confessionals designed to find crimes during advanced Ned for OTs auditing will stir up spiritual entities more than anything you can imagine.

The confessional is directed toward the PRECLEAR but the questions impinge on the SPIRITUAL BEINGS SURROUNDING THE PRECLEAR , thus the auditor will be following up reads generated by the entities and will be accusing the preclear of withholding information.

The typical session at Flag and elsewhere goes like this:

Auditor asks question. Silent preclear on cans:  FALL.

Auditor: “Did you have a thought there?”

Preclear: “No. I had no attention on the question at all”

Auditor asks question again:  Silent Preclear on cans:  Fall

Auditor says: “There is something you are not telling me!”

Preclear: “No. I am just getting irritated by this.” LONG FALL BLOWDOWN

Auditor now know he is on the track of a big withhold and continues hammering away until he gets a red-tagged preclear. Preclear is sent to ethics to confess his sins and to donate to the IAS as his amends.

My answer to this incredibly fouled up situation was to review the early material gathered and published over Ron Hubbard’s signature in the very early years of Scientology and to select out the technology that has stood the test of time because it was directed at improving ability and not just on enriching an organization.

The early technology devised by Ron Hubbard was so powerful that it produces releases and clears even when delivered incorrectly.  What has happened is that many people actually went clear and were denied recognition of the fact.

When someone goes clear they are free of their own reactive mind, but they are still directly affected by the thoughts, pictures and intentions of the spiritual beings who surround them (their OT case).

If the person is handled by poorly trained auditors and Case Supervisors, they never learn to distinguish the difference between their own thoughts and the thoughts and mental image pictures of the spiritual beings who make up their OT case.

They accept the wild thoughts, strange fears, and bizarre impulses that beset them daily as their own.

In the early days of Scientology,  entities and other spiritual phenomena were freely discussed. This was long before the existence of these beings (body thetans) was made a secret protected by huge fines and expulsion from the church. To refresh your memory,  let’s start with an excerpt from a publicly available bulletin from Ron Hubbard:

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex



When one is associating with or attempting to guide or handle a person, it is necessary to know something of the nature of a being.

If a being were a single unit, separated from all other beings, conditions and current influences, the task of understanding him would be relatively simple and philosophers would have had it all worked out long before Dianetics and Scientology.

A single unit being responds to the most elementary and simple rules and laws you will find in Dianetics and Scientology. …/…

The fact of the matter is that when one addresses a person, a human being “in the flesh” one is not addressing a simple being. …/…

What you see as a human being, a person, is not a single unit being. …/… There are also the entities (as discussed in “Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health”, pages 84-90, and also “The History Of Man”, pages 13-14, 43, 75-77). These follow all the rules and laws and phenomena of single beings.

(end fair use)

If you have gone clear in this or in a previous lifetime and are not getting auditing to handle and rescue your spiritual companions, you are definitely at risk. Your disturbed spiritual companions (your OT case) is very much like Pandora’s Box. Once you contact them, you cannot shut the door on them and pretend they aren’t there. Your particular spiritual entities may not be powerful enough to kill your computer and make your car fail in inexplicable ways, but they can pester you and mislead you until you are a seething ball of rage and find yourself causing machines and projects to fail.

Disturbed spiritual entities can make you uncertain and lose confidence in yourself. They can suppress you in so many ways that you begin to doubt your abilities. They can duplicate the effects of incredibly insane fixed ideas, of implants,  long term upsets, and other insanities.

When you consider that bad auditing consists of invalidative processes, ignoring originations,  evaluating  what the person should be thinking, it is not surprising that the Scientology OT levels produce disturbed spiritual beings who are never properly acknowledged and handled. This is a recipe for disaster and many of the recent OT graduates show the signs of this mishandling. When you see OT8s like John Allender and Izzy Chait behaving in bizarre ways, you are looking at people being run by disturbed spiritual entities (unhandled OT case).

Outside the CO$, there are  auditors who can address the factors of your OT case and can put you back in charge of your life in short order. C

I have recently collated my research results into a form Spiritual Rescue Technology that almost any clear can use for self improvement. Contrary to what you have been told for years, it takes very little orientation, if you are clear, to start handling your OT case on your own – without a meter. You start by getting repair auditing to get off all of the invalidation of your abilities and the auditing shows you how to smoothly handle your OT case, one entity at a time.

You study as much material as you want on the anatomy of your OT case and are thoroughly checked out so that your handlings become swift and sure. You learn that your OT case  has been artificially divided into OT III, OT IV and NOTS instead of being treated as entities of varying degrees of awareness. You quickly learn to handle whatever you encounter as your auditing progresses using Spiritual Rescue Technology.

You can continue to get auditing on any Grade chart  actions you have missed and you get immediate handlings if any of your OT case goes into restimulation and you can’t handle it as a solo action. Those who have formal auditor training will get trained up to be able to solo audit using a meter. Others will find that they really do not need a meter to solo audit if they can stay in good communication with their spiritual companions.

OTs have written for years about the incredible gains they enjoyed getting NOTS auditing. Those gains are now being enjoyed by a growing number of clients on my lines who have never seen the inside of a Church of Scientology. They are receiving and solo auditing with Spiritual Rescue Technology which I deliver and then coach them to detect and handle disturbed spiritual beings by themselves. You can read about it here.

If you have been troubled by your OT case, send me an email. I will answer your questions and may be able to provide you with some recommendations.

– David St Lawrence –  oldauditor@possiblyhelpfuladvice.com

Here is what one of my early clients had to say on June 12th 2011:

I know that what David says here is true, because I have experienced it directly, and first hand.

In my first contact with Scientology … this lifetime, I “went up the Pole” (which Ron speaks about in the Philadelphia Doctorate lectures … I highly recommend you listen and study all of them) … JUST on the strength of a thorough O/W write-up (done as part of an Intro to Scientology Ethics course) and a very little bit of Self-Analysis auditing. I was, then, in the state that I think most people who experience scientology, dream of. It was a marvelous state. Not stable, of course, and as Ron predicts in the PDC tapes, about 3 or 4 months later, after having astonished myself and been entirely unaffected by any case whatsoever, I fell off the pole with a resounding splat. Part of the reason for this is that no one at the CofS place I was receiving services would recognize or deal with my originations. The prescriptions Ron gives for ‘handling’ a being in such a state were not followed … meaning it was not acknowledged … and since I was too green to know what was happening, I did managed to topple myself as Ron predicts will happen.

In the 11 years I spent in the CofS after that, I got, exactly no where. All they could figure out to do to help me when I came in to the org after having splattered all over the place, was to have me run PAB6. Which did — combined with a chiropractor who realized that my body was dying and who put me on a regimen that brought me back to life — at least keep me on this planet. After that I encoutered stop and stop and stop and stop and stop, and request for money and money and money and SO people trying to recruit my 16 year old daughter, and more demands for money. I did manage to get the purif done … albeit off org lines as the orgs couldn’t provide it and again, I got miraculous results.

But, really, none of this had anything to do with the CofS. That was just a stop.

So, by some fashion or other, I found the Independent Scientologists, started my Grades, acknowledged Clear after a few intensives, am continuing my Grades even now, and am … because this is what comes up, handling my OT case.

I have had win, after win, after win. I have become able to distinguish myself from the influence with these other entities (which Ron refers to in David’s post) bring to bear on my existence. I have cleared up suppressive situations (which of course, I had to participate in or they wouldn’t suppress me!). My reach has increased, my income has increased, people around me are happier, I am happier. I have recalled the long ago and far away prior existences I have participated in.

This has been accomplished through the good offices of an Independent Auditor. I have actually been acknowledged as the being I am instead of being ‘made’ to be afraid to look. My auditing handles what bothers me.

I am, finally, getting the kinds of gains I KNOW scientology can generate but which I did not get with the CofS.

To me the CofS is irrelevant.

What is relevant is Ron’s work which is readily, and fully, available through the Independents.

Regardless of what Ron did not do before he was … well … before he went away … what he DID do is leave a bunch of tech which can be studied and learned without permission from anyone.

Apply THAT tech and get on with it. The independents are here to serve you. All you need to do exercise your own personal integrity and seek them out.

6 thoughts on “Handling your “OT case” – revised and upgraded

  1. Joe Grice

    I have a theory as to why some OT’s behave is such bizarre ways. If one takes the datum from the Code of Honour, never fail to hurt another in a just cause and the cycle of action, start, change, stop, the thetan can get hung up in an incomplete cycle of action and is trying to put into the MEST Universe now something that he should have done way back when. An Auditor should try to get his PC to put it into his own universe, the universe of self or the Seventh Dynamic rather than the MEST or physical universe. If one takes Creative Processing from 1952, ’53 and has the PC mock up his enemy in pain then he will be able to end cycle on the incident and be free of it. Have the PC mock up a person in pain, have him mock up two of them, four of them, eight of them to make space. Have the PC mock up a person in pain, Six Ways, in front of them, to the left of them, to the right of them to the bottom of them, to the top of them and back of them. Have the PC mock up a person in pain and have him hold the mock up still. There should be more research done is this area to determine this process’s workability so right now I’m just calling it a theory but I do believe that it is worthwhile communicating. There may be other charge that may have to be handled because pain is an emotion and it lies on the Know to Mystery Scale(Eatingness, Effort, Emotion, ect.) And if one combines it with the DEI scale(desire-enforce-inhibit) then an auditor can have a whole new array of tools to help his pre-clear with.

  2. Roger Boswarva

    I can vouch for what David is saying above and I can vouch for the fact that he is a master at dealing with this subject.

    He is also quite right in going back to the very workable materials released as Scientology in the early years, the 1950’s and early ’60’s. In those days, the accent was on the positive and the restoration of powers and abilities.

    Scientology went awry in the mid-1960’s when it went onto a kick of “must find the negative to get rid of.” It turned into a hunt of what ails you and it ceased looking for, finding and empowering your abilities and powerful capacities.

    And its gravest error of all is to be misrepresenting the role our spiritual companions have in our lives. Scientology has it that they are “degraded” and are impediments to be gotten rid of, That is a catastrophic error.

    David has correctly recognized the wisdom of the ancients that these spiritual companions are in actuality our co-empowering partners if honored and treated as such.

    The truth is, we have erred in our relationships with our fellows and like any friend they can turn sour when upset . . . the good news is, as David is demonstrating, our relationships with our spiritual fellows can be restored to harmony. And when this is done with the materials he has available, wondrous things result.

    Imagine what it is like to have absolute certainty on your ability to interface and harmonize in the use of your highest level spiritual powers and to share in the co-empowerment and actualization of all your highest dreams and aspirations with an empowered team of spiritual fellows . . .


  3. David St Lawrence Post author

    Joe, touch assists, creative processing, using the Know to Mystery Scale and the DEI scale are all ways of releasing charge from the spiritual beings who surround us and permeate our spaces. Hell, assessing a correction list will do the same.

    I have used all of these methods over the years and I have found that simply asking the beings what is happening produces much faster results and validates their existence and their beingness.

    Suppose you were upset and were taken into session at the Mecca of technical whatever. How would you feel if the auditor listened to you explain what was wrong and then said, “I am going to assess this list” and proceeded to assess a list of questions, rat-a-tat-tat, while looking intently at the meter hidden away on the other side of a barrier?

    You would probably feel that the auditor had not duplicated you. Well, that is what happens during conventional auditing of a clear because most of the reads the auditor is getting are NOT from the preclear. The auditors from Flag and in most every other org do not accept the existence of entities, body thetans, or any other spiritual entity unless the pc is in the middle of their OT levels. Their attitude, which is copied by many independent auditors, is that you are not OT unless the Case Supervisor and DM agrees that you are. Therefore all of these “false reads” you are producing are merely attempts to hide withholds.

    I repair this kind of botched auditing almost every month. It is amazingly simple. I ask the pc if he had any charge on the questions and if he did not, I ask the ENTITIES if their charge was acknowledged. Usually there are multiple blow downs and all kinds of communication before they run out of things to say.

    Getting the pc to put something into his own universe that is not his invalidates the pc and the entities who surround him. When you see someone acting in an insane fashion, and they are somewhere up the Bridge, take a look at the entities running him or get someone who can to help the poor OT who doesn’t know where his orders are coming from.

  4. Nic

    Hello David. I do research as others.
    I found two steps omitted from the book
    ned one. This has and produces all
    troubles and problems in ot.
    For example, in a lock, there is much more.
    The question is: What is missing?
    Okay, we all continue the search,
    as the data Ron gave them.
    A simple break arc, gave me a deflated ta
    and a fn for almost a week, wohhh.
    I repeat: It ‘s my research, based on actual data.
    I suspect a third step, as a positive gain.
    Nic ARC infinite

  5. Nic

    Hello David. A correction last line of the
    my post.
    I suspect a third step. It is:
    To balance and stabilize the ep.

  6. Schorsch

    First: I am not OT.
    Second: For a reason I do not know I could do OT stuff. Little left now, but still.

    I find it interesting what is stated here. Sort of key out occurred. But this is not the end of all truth.

    Dianetics engrams. You can find and run millions or billions. But you do not need to run 50% or all of those to attain Clear. Did anybody count the amount of entities? Lets say there are also some million or billion around. Can you audit them or free them in a reasonable amount of time?

    1) When you enter the OT path, this is not a technical path. This is a spiritual path. So, you do not audit a fixed amount of entities or until you feel good about it.
    2) You have to look behind the smoke screen of entities.
    If you want to Clear Earth and think you have to Clear every being currently on Earth, even if it would be possible, or 50% or whatever percentage then you missed what “Clear Earth” means.
    Lets stay with this sample first: A Cleared Earth would be a society without insanity basically. So you have to remove those factors that are psychotic. That has nothing to do with Clearing ever person on Earth. So, you identify the factors behind the scene and handle those.
    Same with entities. You do not need to audit or free them all, but you have to find the key ones. Or the circumstances that cause the situation in the first place.
    Analogy: If you are surrounded by psychotic people you want to get rid of them. So you handle one by one. They look for another target. But as you handle one then the next one is attaching to you. A better way would be to find the real cause why all those nasty people surround you. If you handle this all those nasty ones leave you without handling them one by one.
    3) L. Ron Hubbard’s genius had been to find ways to handle a situation that is behind the scene in order to avoid the impossible path of handling it on a one to one basis.

    Wild opinion:
    4) (Statement 3 looks like being false. It looks like that L. Ron Hubbard made too many mistakes.)
    For me it could be in the realm of a possibility that the time track did change. We do not see the time track that had been there as we had been on that track in the 70ies. How this is technically possible I do not know. Sample: 1976 I did grab a PDC tape (reel tapes at that time) and listened to this tape. I found it highly interesting. I think this had been a major reason for “key out OT”. Many years later I bought the PDC tapes and did listen. What a difference. Boring. Not very much interesting. So we need to find the original track first. And then handle the cause. This would be a real OT level. Quite a task. What did the old man say: “you find me on the other side” (out of memory, not word by word maybe)

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