Hector the Gladiator

One of my clients who is a sports fan noticed that he would get quite worked up when watching matches that required skill and strength. His muscles would jerk involuntarily and he felt drained at the end of the match. He was perceptive enough to spot that he felt like a participant when this was going on and not like a spectator.

He asked me to see if a spirit was causing this reaction and sure enough, his reaction was being caused by a group of gladiators he had vanquished some 1700 years ago.

I discovered that the spokesman for the group was named Hector. He explained that these gladiators had been killed by my client in the arena. As he vanquished each of them, they wanted to be with a winner rather than with their broken bodies lying on the floor of the arena.

Hector said these gladiators admired my client and when he killed his opponents, they bore him no ill will for winning, instead they joined him and contributed to his prowess as a gladiator. In a real sense they became him, and as a result he was unbeatable.

In his subsequent lives when my client was no longer a gladiator, these beings became quite inactive except for moments when there was a possibility of conflict or sexual activity.

When the possibility of conflict or sex arose, Hector would push my client into action and and do his best to make him a winner. Hector was the active one and the others were more dormant. Some watched and some participated.

Hector would figure out, “How do I get this accomplished?” and “How do I enforce my will?” using these gladiators. He said, “We gave him the persistence to finish things!”

As a result, my client was successful in many areas of life including those of the heart. Now that my client is comfortably living his dream in retirement, Hector has little to do and was more than ready to go and find a new adventure.

Hector thinks and moves at great speed. After a very short discussion, he decided to find a new body and he immediately picked out a new host, a pregnant woman living in Boca Raton who is comfortable with her position in society.

He was gone in seconds. Off to Boca Raton to oversee the birth of his new body.

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