Life Changing Wins from Auditing

(Originally published by OldAuditor on September 11, 2010 – original comments are included)

I am humbled by the opportunity to deliver auditing again after so many years when that opportunity seemed lost forever. One of my greatest joys is seeing someone else regain their native abilities and being able to properly acknowledge their achievements.

One of my great losses this lifetime was auditing preclears to the state of Clear and having upper orgs invalidate their states by improperly applying LRH technology.

Now that I have an independent practice, I can deliver the tech as it was meant to be delivered and can provide a safe environment for preclears to go Clear and celebrate that state.

This recent success story from a current preclear rehabilitated me as an auditor in more ways than I can easily communicate


Clear – Standard and Certain

I was associated with the “Church” of Scientology for 12 years. I made NO progress towards Clear. And, not for want of trying. And, not for want of intention. And, not for want of my personal dedication to LRH’s advice, recommendations and truly remarkable works.

In stark contract, I attested to the State of Clear 3 months after choosing standard Scientology from Independent Scientologists.

Every process, every action, every reference provided to me by my Independent Scientology auditor was delivered with remarkable ARC, with skill, with diligence, with care — with exact and precise standardness. Everything was done with the most exquisite standardness. I was not make to run processes which were not necessary just to run them, or to eat up the clock. I was not made to think I was PTS when I was not. My cognitions were accepted and when the needle floated, he called it. He didn’t wait for three swings of the dial. I didn’t sit there wondering if my needle really was floating, if the auditor was asleep or having to take the unusual approach of ‘thinking happy thoughts’ (as my former FSM told me to do when I sat before CofS Examiners) in order to keep my needle floating until the auditor was allowed to call it.

I did pay for this service, and was glad to do so. But, I didn’t have to mortgage my house or sell my prized possessions. I didn’t have to wonder what was wrong with me that I couldn’t somehow ‘make it go right’ to come up with some astonishingly rapacious sum of money JUST to finish my “Sec Checks”. I didn’t have to withhold myself for fear that if I said something in session which wasn’t ‘kosher’, that I’d get sent to ethics — or worse.

In saying all of this, I do not mean to focus on the negative in the CofS. What I mean to say is that — in the caring and highly competent hands of my Independent Scientology auditor and C/S, Scientology actually worked the way it is supposed to work. I got the gains I had always known were there to get, and which I could not, for the life of me, figure out why I was not getting while associated with the CofS.

And, the State of Clear IS everything it is advertised to be. I now have a certainty as to who I am. I am certain that I am a Thetan. I am certain that I can handle my case and that I will achieve OT in due course. I am ecstatic about life and eager to take on the challenges and “problems” of living which previously (three months ago!) simply caved me in, made me fearful or simply stopped me. And, I am more aware of the value and ‘humanity’ (if you will) of other beings. I am aware of their worth, and I can see that, even if they have not achieved what I have, that they are worthy of help, assistance and of maintaining their own points of views. I am more ‘in love with’ mankind, or thetankind if you will, than ever before, and I am looking forward to what lays ahead of me, and all of us.

Of course, I do want to thank LRH. Without his work, none of this would have been possible — this much is true. But, what is also true is that without honest, hardworking, diligent, ethical and ARCful beings like my Independent Scientology auditor and C/S, LRH’s works are utterly worthless. They must be applied to be useful. They must be applied honestly to be helpful. And, they must be applied with the intention of freeing beings to ultimately prevail in their aims.

I am overjoyed to have attested to the State of Clear. I am equally overjoyed that Scientology is now being practiced in the Independent Scientology field as it is intended to be practiced. Thank Ron. And, thanks to my Independent Scientology practitioners. I salute you!

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Maria  on September 12th, 2010 Edit comment

Congratulations on attaining the state of Clear. I was fortunate enough to make it through in the early days and I agree, it is awesome! Its been 30 years since I attested and I have have to say that it has been a wonderful thing to be so alive and through all my trials and tribulations, continue to be full of life and ever expanding in my viewpoints, ARC and KRC.

I am so very happy to hear that the Independent field has kept this technology alive and available. It was all I ever hoped for and what I dream of every day.

Kudos to your auditor and yes, I agree — LRH is to be thanked for his work and dedication all those many, many years of his life.

routeplanner  on September 12th, 2010 Edit comment

Fantastic stuff. Well done auditor and pc!

Centurion  on September 12th, 2010 Edit comment


This had made my day. We see too little success stories from independent auditing, and this just warms my heart and makes me realize why we are here.

It must be a wonderful feeling to know you can go up the Bridge, in a standard way, without all the via’s you encounter in the church, which can bankrupt you before you get a chance to even finish your grades.

Well done on your auditing and your Clear attest. And well done on picking David. He is a great guy and he is to be validated for doing what LRH would have wanted him to – getting the show on the road.


Sinar  on September 12th, 2010 Edit comment

Congratulations on going Clear! Definitely a good milestone to accomplish – enjoy it!

Find it totally wonderful to see stories like these of beings who totally control their own eternity, not some control & Tech altering organization. Totally VVWD – PC and Auditor!

Snicks  on September 13th, 2010 Edit comment

Very well done on attaining Clear!

Maybe some of you can help me with something. I am a long time Scientologist and I read the blogs and find this whole scene fascinating with the Independent Scientologists.

I can’t say what will happen with me in the future, but as far as I am concerned, as long as Scientology is being delivered standardly, I don’t care who does it.

I am having a hard time wrapping my wits around the fact that the Bridge is actually being delivered outside the Church. Please don’t take what I said as saying it’s not true. I believe it.

My question is this – how does one get the materials? I’ve read about OT levels and L’s also being delivered. I can see how it can be done with the lower Bridge, but upper levels?

Can someone fill me in on this? I’m just amazed by the whole concept and would like to know more.

Thank you in advance for your help and please keep the wins coming!

OldAuditor  on September 13th, 2010 Edit comment


First of all, more than 85% of all trained auditors are now outside the church even though most of them have not started auditing yet.

Your chances of getting audited by a well-trained auditor are much better in the field than in the church today.

The materials for all of the OT levels and the Ls have been available on the Internet for years. Those who have the materials are generally more than happy to share them with another auditor.

In addition, there are serious critiques available online of the CofS materials with corrections and suggestions for handling known problems.

In the field, the emphasis seems to be on fitting the processes to the preclear’s needs rather than rotely jamming the preclear to a one-size-fits-all bridge grade chart template.

For example, a preclear coming to me for handling of his lumbosis would get a thorough handling of everything contributing to his condition and it would be done in the most efficient manner so as to maximize his gains in the least amount of time.
That might include assists, Correction Lists, FPRD lists, even ethics handlings, whatever it takes to terminately address the preclears lumbosis problem.

Once his lumbosis problem is handled, the preclear can then be expected to address his case in a way that will achieve his objectives for getting auditing. Auditing is for the preclear, not for the organization.

In the independent field, you have the opportunity to select the practitioner of your choice and to discuss what you want handled and ask how the practitioner intends to handle your situation. If the practitioner does not feel he can help you, he will most likely refer you to some one who can.

You want to select a practitioner who grants beingness and makes you feel safe in the auditing chair. It is totally your call. You do the selecting and the right practitioner for you will keep you informed at all times. You will know when you have selected the right auditor because you will look forward to every session and will happily resign for more hours when you start running low.

Furthermore, if you are a past life clear or have had your CCRD messed up by CofS auditors, you have a much better chance of getting properly handled by an independent auditor.

Many independent auditors deliver the grades and have preclears attesting to Clear. A few auditors deliver the OT levels and the Ls.

Trey Lotz is an outstanding example of an auditor who delivers the upper end of the Bridge.

Snicks  on September 14th, 2010 Edit comment

Thank you Old Auditor.

I really has no idea all of this was happening until the last year or so, thanks to the internet and the blogs.

I can only imagine what the Independents go through just to keep the doors open. I remember when Narcanon was considered a squirrel group and was attacked for years. Then LRH left them money in his will and all the attacks stopped.

I didn’t realize 85% of auditors are outside the church? Wow, can you say outpoint?

I do remember when I was an auditor and it was so easy! Just a cake walk as LRH designed it to be.

Anyway, thank you for your comm and website. It is very helpful and there are many of us out here who read these blogs. They help a great deal. I was told if I read them, I won’t be eligible for OT5. So, right afterwards, I logged on! LOL

‘Doc’ Smith  on September 15th, 2010 Edit comment

Congratulations on reaching Clear.

Congratulations David on a glowing product. When I left the church one of my biggest losses was the idea that I wouldn’t be able to continue my training and audit. When I found the freezone I was very keyed out and am now getting set-up to continue my training to at least Class Vi. Thanks also for your site and your input in other sites which has helped me adjust to the new (to me) scene outside of the church.

Mark Elliott

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