Results you should expect from Spiritual Rescue Technology

I have finally found a few moments to collect some of the recent results of clients using Spiritual Rescue Technology in solo sessions and receiving counseling sessions. I have published them on with a brief introduction here:

Results You Should Expect

In this section, I list some of the results people are getting from delivering Spiritual Rescue Technology to themselves and others and will try to explain why any trained auditor can apply this technology to themselves. Actually, anyone with enough spiritual counseling experience can use this material with a little coaching. It has more to do with the attitude of the counselor than his training level.

One of the major differences between what I deliver and what the Church of Scientology attempts to deliver is that my clients do not try to get rid of the spiritual entities surrounding them. They are carefully coached to get these spiritual beings to work with them as that is what most of these spiritual beings want to do and have been trying to do for many years.

When you finally recognize these beings and they realize that you do want their help, their relief is so great that it literally changes your life for the better.

Many of my clients are doing solo sessions within their first 10 hours of auditing from me and they continue these solo sessions as long as they wish, with occasional coaching sessions from me to help them handle challenging situations.

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