Taking Spiritual Rescue Technology to the Next Level – Part 1

Consider the phenomenon of free will

Let us define Free Will as the ability to choose between different possible courses of action unimpeded. It is the opposite of slavery where every action is controlled by another. A being chooses to exercise free will to whatever extent he wishes.

It appears that a person or spiritual being decides to limit their exercise of free will in order to associate with others as a group member. It can be shown that free will diminishes as the number of individuals in a group increases. So what is the trade off and why do individuals become group members?

I propose that individuals join groups because they can produce more results and pleasurable sensations in a group than they can by working alone.

There is always more interaction and co-action in a group than is possible for an isolated individual, but the exercise of free will is limited by group agreement even when this is not clearly understood by all group members.

If free will is maximized in the group, the interactions will be productive and not destructive. The level of free will in a group depends on the group members understanding of the agreements that cause the group to exist.

Free will in a group

When you join a group of any size, you are agreeing to certain degree of co-action. Depending on the group, this may require you to stop doing other non-group actions. Creating a relationship with a sexual partner generally precludes continuing relationships with other partners. Joining a company may require you to avoid certain business and personal relationships. Becoming human probably involved giving up some abilities that do not contribute to being a good, normal human being.

The significant point to be observed here is that joining ANY group involves decisions that can affect you forever. Once you make a decision about limiting your abilities, that decision remains until you uncover it again and change that decision in a new unit of time.

Given a few thousand millennia, you accumulate a lot of contradictory decisions which limit your free will in ways you do not understand. This is important because you have decided that you should not be able to do certain things based on information that was true at the time and is no longer relevant.

You no longer strike people dead with lightning when they offend you because you have learned that this not socially acceptable. You have made so many self limiting decisions that you are not even able to argue with your boss or significant other when they do something that is completely unreasonable and insane.

You may have even gotten to the point where you can’t even walk out of a destructive situation because you do not have enough free will.

What makes matters worse is that you are accompanied by spirits who have made decisions to limit their free will because of similar incidents and they will do everything possible to keep you from making the mistakes they made.

Fortunately, the use of Spiritual Rescue Technology provides a straightforward way to restore your free will to any level you wish to pursue.

Look for Part 2 coming soon….

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