Why I no longer use the OCA test

OCA Graph 2010For many years I oversaw the use of Oxford Capacity Analysis testing at my mission in Manhattan Beach, CA. It gave us some insight into the personality traits of an individual which would affect his behavior and would have to be resolved in order to improve the quality of his life by his and others standards. For example, sometimes the person  would see the graph and realize that it agreed with what others were telling him about himself.

One of our staff members created the first computer scoring system for the OCA and even offered it to the Church of Scientology for distribution to other orgs and missions. He did a masterful analysis of the OCA logic and scoring rules and produced a DOS program that ran on early 1980s computers and enabled our staff to score and print out OCA results in about 5 minutes from start to finish. The church eventually came up with their own OCA program 3 years later.

Our primary use of the OCA was to give the prospect a whole new viewpoint on his personality traits. When the evaluator was sufficiently deft, the prospect would agree that there was some room for improvement and would sign up for a service. We had staff who cared about our public and the signups usually went quite smoothly.

When a prospect felt he was getting a wrong indication because the traits did not indicate to him, he would be quite negative on the OCA test and the organization itself.  We did not see much of this because our evaluator was an extremely well trained auditor, but you can see frequent mention of this in Internet chat groups.

I eventually used the OCA results only as a guide to determine what actions should be taken to raise the traits that were too low.

Fast forward many years. In my personal practice I started by giving OCAs to new clients and I had one of the best OCA evaluators in the business giving me detailed analysis of what was going on with the new client and recommending what actions should be taken to bring the person up to where he should be.

Here is where I began noticing something new and startling, especially after I started developing and using spiritual rescue technology.

The OCA graph was spot on as far as behavior was concerned. If the OCA showed evil purposes and overts, they could be seen in the client’s behavior and speech. If the OCA showed the person to be compulsive, it showed up in the persons actions. The OCA was pretty good when it came to predicting or showing behavior patterns, but using it as a case supervisor tool did not completely address the UNDERLYING SOURCE of the behavior if the person was clear or had a lot of auditing. This was a surprise the first few times it occurred, so let me describe what happened next.

The client was critical and snarky about life in general and about his auditing so I proceeded to uncover the withholds I was sure were there. The questions read very well, but the charge was not the client’s charge, it belonged to entities who had not been handled in auditing and were in a wild state of restimulation because all of the client’s auditing had been directed to the client and not to his entities. So, here is this client with his OCA graph really low on the right side and we handle 3 or four entities and his graph rises into the normal range.

I reran the OCA test and sent it to the Case Supervisor who asked if I had run what he recommended. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings and simply pointed out that the auditing had seemingly raised the graph as requested. At that point I myself had only a faint idea what was occurring, but I knew that auditing a few entities had altered this client’s personality in a major way.

I took this same client and asked him about his compulsions and found a cluster of entities that was controlling his behavior. One session and his compulsions lessened remarkably. A few more sessions and his compulsions in that area were gone completely.

I noted the same kind of results over the next few months with other clients and I reread the OCA materials and figured out what was really happening. I had always thought that the OCA graph represented the person’s profile, but there was more to learn. LRH said that valences, those mocked-up, other beingnesses a person thinks he is were the source of test profile patterns. (Tech Vol V, pg 406)

The OCA and probably any other personality test shows various personality traits with some accuracy, but they do not take into account that our behavior is managed to an incredible degree by the entities which surround us. So, saying that a person has evil purposes misses the mark in some cases. The person MAY have evil purposes, but his entities definitely have UNHANDLED evil purposes of their own.

Checking for ownership on reading items when there is any uncertainty on the part of the preclear or client will avoid upsetting the client or his entities.

I do not use the OCA test any more because I have found that most of the charge encountered in a clear or new person is coming from upset entities. It is far faster to sit the new client down and ask, “Is there something you have attention on?” and handle what comes up.

The bottom line: An OCA shows a picture of a personality, but you will probably find that most of these traits come from the entities the person is carrying around with him. Assigning these traits to the person is usually a wrong item and will only upset him and make him difficult to audit. Asking the person what is bothering him and handling that will put him in session and will produce immediate relief.

Spiritual Rescue Technology gives new people and those who have had years of counseling a safe and way to improve life without invalidation or evaluation.

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  1. Axiom


    This is so true! It is sort like, do you listen to the pc or the meter? Of course you listen to the pc because that is what is real to him. You may have other reading items, but you will go nowhere trying to run them if he it is not real to him. If you do try to run them you sort of get a “No Interest Item”.

    The problem with the “new church” is that the meter has become superior to to pc. It is more about electronic gizmos and gadgets since the assumption is that no one can really think anymore, witness no more Data Series Course being delivered. Just look at how the new Div6 line is being run. Video generated data instead of real communication. Just wonder if the videos are not designed to restimulate some electronic incident off the track in order to get someone to blindly come aboard? That would not surprise me. Might be interesting to find if any subliminal messages may be hidden in those videos.

    I never thought I would say this but, “Boy, do I miss the 60’s.” Back when the tech was real and communication was live.

  2. Nic

    Dear Elizabeth is great is Your Operation .
    Talk about things you’ve discovered. Can you say something ?
    Or would you prefer to leave a bit of mystery. we have
    Already many large characters that play using the
    mystery … if you want to know , buy my stuff etc. .
    My opinion is that they should be discarded immediately .
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    What can you tell us about the bridge?
    For example, the R3R was also used on OT .
    While with the R3RA is not possible.
    The R3RA that Ned is a public slaughterhouse for ……..
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    What can you tell us about the lev. OT original and current ?
    Who made the new lev. OT , many are sick and in
    seriously . Others are dead. In Your long experience
    how do you think you can repair ?
    Agree when you say you do the procedures , compare.
    But if the result shows this danger …. What cosigli
    to do?
    Nic ARC infinity

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