What is Workable Technology?

and why should you want to know about it?

Workable technology is that part of the entire spectrum of spiritual technology that has been tested by auditors/spiritual practitioners in the field and has been found to produce reliable results.

In our research, we have found that most of the technology we apply was described or hinted at in the earliest years of the development of Scientology by LRH and the many other auditors who worked with him. So much of this has been lost or obscured in recent years that it is hard to find auditors who are familiar with the original work and who are using it daily.

This site was created to preserve the observations of myself and others on processes and approaches to spiritual healing we use on a continuing basis because they work for us.

I can make no claim that a particular approach or process will work for you or for your clients because so much of spiritual healing depends on a spiritual being wanting to get better in some way.

Workable technology includes much of what was considered Standard Tech by L Ron Hubbard at one time or another. It also includes the work of others that was later credited to Ron Hubbard. It does not include the perversions devised by the current management of the corporate Church of Scientology.

If you have run into phenomena that does not seem to surrender to the material you have studied, you might find a suggestion on this site that will lead you to a solution.

If you have run into phenomena that supports or modifies what has been written here, you are cordially invited to share your experiences and advices so that we can update our research to include the situations we have not yet covered.

I am working with a number of auditors and solo auditors to constantly improve the ease of achieving superior results. There is no area that is not subject to examination and questioning of stable datums is very much a part of the game. This was very much a core principle in the early days of Scientology when advances were being made constantly, but this fell by the wayside when the concept of an authoritarian standard was introduced.

The main tests we use  to see if we have workable technology are: Can it work reliably and under what circumstances? What is the history of its use and why was it abandoned if it was?

This site discusses ideas and future possibilities that can expand delivery of needed services by independent practitioners. The goal is to increased the availability and delivery of workable technology through the exchange of ideas and research results.

Because this site deals with all aspects of auditing technology, there may be discussion of confidential material, confidential end-phenomenons, and names and places that are considered confidential by the church of Scientology.

While possiblyhelpfuladvice.com is primarily an arena to share experiences and observations about Scientology before and after it became a cult, workabletechnology.com is intended to be a live reference for all sorts of developments in the area of technology and in the area of effective organizations to deliver technology and training in the field.

The guiding purpose of this site is to facilitate information exchange that will strengthen a growing network of field practitioners of all persuasions and will hopefully serve as a convenient reference for results and technologies that embrace every practice that delivers what is promised.

All are invited to share observations and ideas about how spiritual technology and delivery of that technology might be improved in the years to come. All members are encouraged to post material here that they have posted elsewhere.

2 thoughts on “What is Workable Technology?

  1. D Knight

    How much does it cost someone to explore Scientology? Looks very expensive and with a good deal of counselors on a daily basis.

  2. David St Lawrence Post author

    You can explore most of Scientology online if you know where to look. Almost all of the books written by Ron Hubbard are available online.
    If you want to know the true history of Sceintology, much of that is covered in the links on the right sidebar of possiblyhelpfuladvice.com

    If you want auditing, you should read this site and get an idea of what it is you would like to address.
    Independent auditors are available in various locations and then there are those like me who only deliver services online because it is more convenient for my preclears (clients) and they can have sessions whenever they want and where ever they are.

    Most of my preclears get one session a week and find that this gives them the gains they want to help them handle their lives. My rate is $100/hour.

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